What if the WIN8 program does not respond?

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Under normal circumstances, most software needs environmental startup software, such as VC + + or. NET Framework 2.0 or later as the startup environment, or directly open will not respond.

Operation Steps:

1, into the Control Panel-Program-Program function-turn on or off Windows features-check the. Net FrameWork 3.5, including 2.0, and then download the installation can be;

2, if the installation is invalid, please confirm the user software to use the startup environment software, etc., corresponding installation can be.

1.1 Mouse to the bottom right corner of the desktop, in the pop-up interface to select the Control Panel (or in the Metro interface mouse move to the lower right corner, the same can appear this interface);

2.2 Open programs and functions;

2.3 Select Enable or disable Windows features;

2.4 check. Net 3.5.


. NET is a Microsoft XML Web services platform. XML WEB Services allows applications to communicate and share data over the Internet, regardless of which operating system, device, or programming language is in use. The Microsoft. NET platform provides the necessary to create XML Web services and integrate them together. The benefits to individual users are seamless, engaging experiences. So when QQ, Storm audio and other software missing this program will have no response to the failure.

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