What if the XP system taskbar does not show open windows?

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What if the XP system taskbar does not show open windows?

Method One:

One scenario is that the open window taskbar does not appear, including the taskbar. But the mouse clicks the past and can display normally, this is because the taskbar is set up automatically hidden caused by.

1, find the taskbar, right button. Property. The following figure:

2, open the taskbar properties, find the general inside the "Auto hide taskbar" option, the front of the hook to remove it.

Method Two:

Due to an error in the desktop process. Restart your computer, or log off again to return to normal, and if you have an ongoing task that is inconvenient to restart or logoff, you can reset the desktop process in the following ways.

The steps are as follows:

1, find the taskbar, right button "task Manager" if it is an XP system directly input Ctrl+alt+t pull out task manager.

2, find the "process" tab----Find the Explorer process, click the end process, and determine. The following figure:

3, the new Explorer task, and then click, create a new task, in the Task new open option Input Explorer OK, you see the taskbar you will find that the previous open window and normal recovery.

Method Three: Task bar repair

1, if according to the above method is not enough, may be your computer system abnormal cause the taskbar problem. You can search the Web to download the taskbar repair Tool "taskbar repair Tool plus".

2, click the Repair button if there are 360 security guards or the rising Card assistant pop-up registry write warning, please click Allow. This is the task bar repair tool writing a self-boot message to the registry.

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