What if you forget the Cisco router password?

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When a Cisco router forgets or loses the enable password, there are two ways to recover, depending on which series of routers you are using.

The first of these methods

This approach restores the following routers: Cisco 2000 series, 2500 series, 3000 series, Cisco 4000 series using the 680x0 Motorola CPU, and 10.0 series routers running 7000 versions of Cisco IOS systems.

Implementation steps:

1. Connect a terminal at the console port of the router or a PC with the emulation terminal software installed.

2. Enter the show version command, and then note the register value, usually 0x2102 or 0x102. This value is displayed on the last line, noting whether the Register's configuration sets the break to enable or disable.

The default configuration register value is 0x2102. This value is from the left and the third number is disable if it is 1, and if zero, the break is enabled.

3. Power off and reboot.

4. Press the break key on the terminal within 60 seconds of the router's startup. The rommon> prompt is displayed. If the prompt is not the case, the terminal does not issue the correct interrupt signal to check whether the break key is correct or is set to disable.

5. Enter o/r0x42 or o/r0x41,o/r0x42 at the prompt to boot from the flash memory, o/r0x41 meaning to boot from the ROMs (note that the first character is the letter O, not the number 0). Better use 0x42,

In the case of flash memory is not installed or erase, only use 0x41, if there is 0x41 can only view or erase configuration, can not directly change the password.

6. Enter the initialization command at the rommon> prompt.

7. Enter the System configuration dialog prompt to knock No, has been waiting for prompt information display: Press RETURN to get started!

8. Knock the carriage return, appear router> prompt character.

9. Enter the Enable command and the router# prompt appears.

10. Select one of the following options:

If the password is not encrypted, directly with more Nvram:startup-config command can see the password, in password encrypted case, cannot see, can only modify, enter the command as follows:

Router # Configure Memory

Router # Configure Terminal

Router (config) # enable secret 1234ABCD

Router (config) # ctrl-z

Router # Write memory

11. Enter configure terminal into configuration mode at the exec prompt. Enter the Config-register command to restore the register value recorded in the second step.

12. Knock Ctrl-z, exit configuration status.

13. In privileged mode, save the configuration with the Write Memory command, and then reboot reboot.

The second method

Use this method to restore the following routers: Cisco 1003, 1600 series, 3600 series, 4500 series, 7200 series, 7500 series and IDT orion-based routers.

Implementation steps:

The first four steps are the same as the previous method.

5. At the rommon> prompt, enter the Confreg command, which appears as follows:

Do your wish to change configuration[y/n]?

Type Yes, and then enter. Always select no until you answer the question, until "Ignore system config info[y/n" appears? When you enter Yes. Then continue to knock no answer,

Until you see "Change boot characteristics[y/n"? When you enter Yes. The display is as follows:

Enter to boot:

There are 2 and 12 options available at this prompt. If the flash memory is erased select 1, you can only view or erase configuration and cannot modify password directly.

The best choice is 2. The following prompts appear:

Do your wish to change configuration[y/n]?

Answer No, then enter and show "rommon>".

6. Enter the reload command under the privileged exec.

The following is the same as the first method.

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