What is a blade server?

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The blade is a Low-cost server platform for HAHD (high availability height density, highly available high-density) designed specifically for special application industries and high-density computer environments, where each "blade" is actually a system motherboard, Similar to a separate server.

In this mode, each motherboard runs its own system, serving a specified set of different user groups, with no association to each other. However, you can use system software to assemble these boards into a single server cluster. In cluster mode, all the motherboard can be connected to provide a high-speed network environment, you can share resources for the same user group services.

Blade server design features, so that it has a lot of advantages. The low power design of blade server can save a lot of energy and reduce energy consumption. Occupy a small space, high-density calculation of the way to effectively save space for the room space is tight or server-hosted enterprises will undoubtedly save a lot of space costs. The blade server is centrally managed to simplify the management of the server and reduce maintenance costs. Finally, the use of Blade server to build server clusters, easy to maintain management, is the most suitable for the construction of clusters, it can be said that it fundamentally overcome the shortcomings of the chip server cluster, known as the Terminator cluster.

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