What is a Blog? What is RSS? News aggregation tool

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What is a Blog? What is RSS? News aggregation tool
Arron posted on 1:08:13
What is a Blog?
-Blog, short for Weblog.
-Weblog: a combination of Web and Log. Web refers to World Wide Web; Log, which is originally defined as "Marine Log" and later refers to any type of flow records. Weblog is a form of flow records on the network.
-Blogger or Weblogger is a person who is used to daily recording and using Weblog tools.
What is RSS?
What is it: a simple way (also called aggregate content) for websites to share content with other sites ).
RSS uses XML as the standard way to share content with each other.
What does it mean: Really Simple Syndication (or RDF Site Summary, RDF Site Summary)
For example, some free software allows you to read those RSS-enabled sites, such as NewsIsFree and Amphetadesk.
What is it useful: it makes it easy for others to discover that you have updated your website, so that people can easily track all the weblogs they read.
News aggregation tool
Many Blogger tags on their websites. As long as we like it, we can add it to the news reading software. In the future, we don't have to open a browser to go around on different sites, in the news reading software, we can automatically collect news from our reserved blogs and other news sites.
What is NewzCrawler?
NewzCrawler is a webpage news reading and browser. Through it, we can access a lot of news content from different sources:
Syndicated news based on XML format (XMLRSS, CDF, BACKSLASH, SCRIPTINGNEWS, etc.
Usenet news in the newsgroup.
Webpage News.
NewzCrawler collects news content from each subscribed news channel and displays it in several different ways: rolling news lists, news balloons (floating prompt boxes), and news Ticker. Compared with other similar software, NewzCrawler retrieves news from different news sources in the background, which is fast and can be customized at the same time. Moreover, it is currently the only software that can obtain news from different sources.
What can I do with NewzCrawler?
Read news from different content sources (XMLRSS, Usernet Newsgroup, Web.
Write messages in wysiwyg html editing mode, publish them to weblogs on websites that support Blogger APIs, or publish them to news groups.
Use a built-in browser to browse news articles.
Continuously get the latest NEWS from the two elegant ways news ticker and news ballon.
You can also email some news and webpages to your friends.
Search news by keyword.
Manage and organize news channels in a tree-like manner.
Use MS Agenet to read news for you.

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