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The diskless network mainly refers to the workstation operating system, the application software and other files are stored in the server disk of a computer network configuration. There are no disk drives on the workstation (including floppy disks, hard disks, CD-ROMs). It is only superficial and does not have substance meaning.

The system structure of computer network refers to the mutual relationship between network server and workstation when working together.

In the development of local area network, there are four kinds of different system structures:

Host system

Also known as the host/terminal system, refers to a server-centric multi-user system, the user through with the host side of the character terminal in the host operating system under the management of shared host, external memory, CPU, input, output equipment and other resources.

The traditional host/terminal system uses the character interface, which is inconvenient for the user to operate. Windows terminal is not a traditional terminal, but a thin client/server model based on the widows graphical interface, with multi-user and multitasking capabilities of traditional terminals. That is, Windows terminal connects the client to the server through the associated protocol, and all communication between the running, configuration, data storage, and other settings of all software runs on the server. Terminals only send local keyboard, mouse and other input information to the Terminal server, and display the processing results on the terminal display.

Workstation/File Server system

The structure is usually to run a specific network operating system on the file server, the workstation input a valid username and password buckle, you can access files on the file server. The file service does not participate in the operation of workstation applications. Diskless networks are part of this system structure.

Client/Server System

is developed on the basis of workstation/server structure, that is, the work that needs to be handled is done by both the client and the server.

Peer-to-peer Network System

The difference from other computer structures is that there is no dedicated server. Each workstation is a client and a server.

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