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A feature server is a server specifically designed for one or several functions, in some ways different from a general-purpose server. such as the print server is dedicated to print management, and the CD-ROM mirror server is dedicated to storing CD files. Feature servers, also known as application servers, are specifically tailored for a specific purpose, such as file servers, e-mail servers, Web servers, DNS servers, network acceleration servers, and so on. With the rapid development of the Internet, information makes small and medium-sized enterprises have a great demand for the server, at the same time more users want the server can directly meet the needs of a certain function, and can realize "plug and Play", and do not care about the operating system, database, hardware and other issues, so the functional server

Purchase principle

Better Plug and Play

"Plug and Play" is the most essential feature of a functional server that distinguishes it from a traditional server. A functional server is a server that is used in conjunction with a corresponding application service on a server's hardware. It can provide specific one or more functions and services without the need to add additional hardware and software. The so-called "Plug and play", refers to the professionals do not need to carry out a special hardware and software configuration, everything before the factory has been configured, the user purchased the function of the server, only in accordance with the function of the server to provide a simple and easy to understand the instructions to carry out simple operations, you can achieve the functions and services users need.

Simple to manage and easy to operate

The traditional server's biggest headache for customers is not just the huge hardware and software upfront inputs, but also the day and night management and maintenance work, because it requires a huge amount of personnel and capital investment, the cost will even exceed the upfront cost. The emergence of a functional server can solve these problems well, and management becomes easy and easy. The administrator can only click a few mouse, press a few keyboard, all the configuration will be easy to handle. The real functional server should also support the remote management function, the administrator in the network on any client can through IE browser to the server remote maintenance, as far as possible to improve efficiency and reduce maintenance costs. Friendly interface. A simple and user-friendly interface is an important feature that a functional server must have.

High price/performance

The server only has hardware is not enough, but also has the corresponding application software. Some server software costs are equivalent to or exceeding the cost of the hardware. and small and medium-sized enterprises do not need and do not have the ability to buy high-end, expensive software products, so users require that the functional server bundled all the commonly used features and service software. In other words, the functional server should not only provide user server hardware, but also free of charge to meet the required services and functions of the application software. And these software before the user purchase has been installed and debugged, the user purchased the function server, as long as the boot can achieve the required functions and services, the use and maintenance of the cost is very low. Only in this way can we achieve the goal of high cost performance. When purchasing a functional server, this aspect should be carefully contrasted and measured.

System security must be strong

In order to prevent the functional server from being invaded, which leads to the impact on the business, the functional server must consider the system security factor in the design. Including the protection of the identity of the administrator, firewall and anti-virus functions, as well as the user's various rights settings and control, users must consider the product in the security factor.

The ability to backup data is stronger

Data is important for both large and small enterprises. The server product must consider the customer's need for data security, especially a highly integrated hardware and software integration product such as a functional server, and provide the customer with the security needs in advance, providing data backup function. Now on the market common backup has hard disk and tape drive two kinds, hard disk backup is relatively simple and inexpensive, tape drive backup capacity is large and safe but high price, both have advantages and disadvantages, customers can choose according to their own needs.

Must have the ability to recover from disasters

The functional server is manageable and easy to operate, of course it is good, it can make any a little computer-savvy people can be a comprehensive maintenance and management. However, on the other hand, if there is a problem, often more trouble, that users often lack the technical strength to solve their own problems. Manufacturers of services even if very timely, it will inevitably delay some time, so the functional server has the ability to disaster recovery is very important, it is best to be able to provide a random disaster recovery CD, a problem, just insert the disc, the system can be rebuilt. This is one of the items that customers have to consider when they buy.

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