What is a Trojan horse? How to killing a Trojan horse?

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1. What is a Trojan horse? What harm does it have to Internet users?

A: Trojan is refers to through the intrusion computer, can be opportunistic steal account password malicious program, it is a specific type of computer virus.

Trojans usually run automatically, in the user login game account or other (such as net silver, chat) account of the process of recording the user entered the account number and password, and automatically sent the stolen information to the hacker in the designated mailbox. This will directly result in the user account being embezzled and the virtual property in the account being transferred.

2, QQ computer housekeeper How to scan the Trojan?

A: QQ computer butler to provide you with three kinds of scanning methods, namely: Quick Scan, comprehensive scan, custom scan. You need to click on the QQ computer Butler "Killing Trojan" tab, according to the need to scan the way to click the Scan button can start killing Trojans.

In three kinds of scanning methods, fast scanning speed is the fastest, in just 1-2 minutes, QQ computer Butler can be the most vulnerable to the Trojan attack in your system critical location to scan.

If you want to thoroughly check the system, you can choose to scan the most thorough overall scan, QQ computer Butler will be on your system every document to do a thorough inspection. The time spent is determined by the size of your hard disk and the number of files you have, and the more time your hard disk scans.

You can customize the scan settings you need to scan the location, only the pop-up scan location in the box to check the need to scan the location, and then click on "Start scanning", QQ computer Butler will be based on your settings to start scanning.

3, scan found Trojan, how to clear the Trojan?

A: When scanning out Trojans, QQ computer Butler has helped you tick all the Trojans, you only need to click "immediately clear", you can easily clear all the Trojans. Some Trojans need to restart the computer to completely clear, we recommend that you restart immediately to eliminate the Trojan horse to your system harm.

4, clean the Trojan, accidentally deleted the normal file how to do?

A: QQ computer housekeeper Strict control Trojan detection, using the false positive rate of the cloud killing technology, to ensure that the results of the scan must be the most accurate. And in order to ensure foolproof, QQ computer Butler by default to take a recoverable isolation way to clear the Trojan, if you find that the Trojan is a normal file, you can also recover through the quarantine zone.

You can click on the Trojan tab in the upper right corner of the "quarantine", in the list to select the file you want to recover, and then click the "Restore" button, it is easy to recover the mistakenly deleted files.

5, what is "anti-Trojan user participation program"? What happens when you participate in this program?

A: QQ computer Butler invited users to participate in the "anti-Trojan user participation program", if participating in this program, QQ computer Butler will be scanned to unknown or suspicious files, automatically submitted to the QQ Computer Butler Security Center backstage for analysis and confirmation. This will facilitate the next time the user performs a scan task, the QQ computer Butler can decide whether to delete this kind of unknown file. Participate in the program will not affect the normal use of users, QQ computer Butler will not collect any information related to the user identity, the file submitted only for the QQ computer Butler analysis of the latest Trojan virus and other malicious programs.

After the QQ computer Butler is installed, the default user does not participate in this plan, after clearly informs the user to plan the content, the user may choose whether to participate freely. For those who refuse to participate in the program, QQ computer Butler will not automatically upload such unknown files.

6. Why do I need to upload a suspicious file when killing a Trojan horse?

A: Now the virus Trojan every day there are countless varieties appear, the traditional Trojan collection method has been far unable to keep up with the speed of Trojan update. QQ Computer Butler using the latest wooden Jack Ma killing technology, in the background to establish a powerful Trojan analysis and processing system, as long as a user submitted a suspicious file, you can extract the first time the Trojan virus and other dangerous samples, which will help all the QQ computer Butler users kill the latest popular Trojan.

QQ Computer Butler Solemn promise, we will only collect suspected virus Trojan program files, will not scan any unrelated files, will not collect any personally identifiable information. All uploaded files will only be used by the Tencent Security Center to analyze unknown Trojans and will not be disclosed to any third party organization.

7. Why do I need to restart my computer after the Trojan is removed?

A: Trojans usually have such characteristics, not only invade the user's computer, but also malicious tampering with the operating system. Therefore, the QQ computer butler in the removal of stolen Trojan horse, the need for users to restart the computer before they can guarantee the complete removal of the Trojan horse.

8, why clean trojan and restart the computer, still found Trojan?

A: There are usually two reasons for the purge failure:

Reason 1: Trojan horse through some way to combat clearance operations, some stubborn Trojan may need to use special kill tools to clean;

Reason 2: The virus program in the boot, the new download the Trojan.

You can check the name of the Trojan file, find the Kill tool to clear. The QQ computer Butler reminds you that the computer should install the professional anti-virus software, and update the virus characteristic library to the newest.

9, how to use the scan after the Trojan automatic shutdown?

A: When you use the "Full scan" or "Custom Scan" of the trojan, in the lower left corner of the scan interface, the option of "automatic shutdown after scanning is completed", you just tick the option, QQ computer Butler will be in the Trojan scan completed, automatically clear the risk of discovery, and automatic shutdown.

When the Trojan scan is complete, will pop-up automatic shutdown prompt box, at this time QQ computer Butler has automatically cleared the risk of discovery, you can choose to turn off the machine immediately, or cancel the automatic shutdown.

10. How to turn on/off double engine scan Trojan?

A: QQ computer Butler starting from the 4.5 version, the introduction of the international leading local killing engine, greatly improve the ability of Trojan killing. After you install the QQ computer Butler, that is, the default turned on the dual engine mode, and the virus will automatically upgrade the library, so you can easily experience the powerful Trojan double engine killing ability.

You can in the QQ computer Butler Trojan Check the two-engine area below the main interface to find some ways to operate, you can freely turn on or off the dual engine, you can manually examine the virus library updates.

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