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MAC address is in the media access layer to use the address, popular point is the physical address of the network card, now the MAC address is generally used 6-byte 48bit (in the early and 2-byte 16bit of the MAC address).

As for MAC address, because we do not contact with it directly, so we are not necessarily very familiar with. In the OSI (Open System interconnection, open Systems Interconnection) 7-Layer Network Protocol (physical layer, Data link layer, network layer, transport layer, Session layer, presentation layer, Application layer) Reference Model, the second layer is the data link layer. It contains two layers, the upper layer is logical link control (llc:logical link controls), and the next layer is the MAC (media access control) layer that we mentioned earlier, the media access controls layer. The so-called media, refers to the transmission of signals through a variety of physical environments. Commonly used network media including cables (such as: twisted-pair, coaxial cable, optical fiber), as well as microwave, laser, infrared, and sometimes also called the media as a physical medium. The MAC address is also called the physical address, hardware address, or link address, which is written by the manufacturer of the network device inside the hardware. This address is not related to the network, that is, regardless of the hardware (such as network cards, hubs, routers, etc.) connected to the network, it has the same MAC address, MAC address generally can not be changed, can not be set by the user.

The top 24 MAC address is the manufacturer's address to the IEEE application. The latter 24 were set by the manufacturers themselves. (Early 2-byte does not apply).

  How do I get a Mac for this computer?

1, for the number of a few machines, we can get the MAC address: In Windows 98/me, click "Start" → "Run" → enter "winipcfg" → carriage return. You can see the MAC address.

2, in the Windows 2000/XP, click "Start" → "Run" → enter "CMD" → return → enter "Ipconfig/all" → return. You can see the MAC address.

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