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Leaky is the screen LCD and frame anastomosis is not closely led to direct transmission of light, liquid crystal display leaky is a common problem, in a sense, liquid crystal display basically can not avoid the occurrence of leaky, but the extent of the problem. Low-grade reality may be more obvious, high-grade is very few obvious leaky.

Two causes of display leaky

The display leaky mainly appears in the Panel, some panel quality is not good or the transportation appears the problem, will produce the more serious leaky. Such panels in the production process will be tested out, prohibit the factory. Leaky the performance of the panel is generally more obvious, normal use can be seen. And our common leaky, is mainly assembled when the border pressure on the display caused by four weeks or a corner of the halo, but such a leaky in the general use of basic can not be found, only in the full black environment display detection pictures can be seen.

Detection method of Leaky

Usually leaky is four weeks, the entire picture is black, then up and down 45 degrees to see whether the display area around the show is obvious white, the gap is there is light.

The principle of leaky

Leaky phenomenon is due to the structure of the LCD screen itself, to a certain extent is a normal phenomenon, leaky will not affect the brightness of the television itself, response time, life and other basic technical parameters. National digital television reception equipment and performance standards Working group leader Liu Quan pointed out: Because of the different levels of LCD screen, leaky degree is also different, will be implemented on January 1, 2007, "Digital TV LCD General Specification" clearly stipulates that LCD TV in the case of full black screen leaky must ≤4cd/㎡ standards.

We usually measure the technical parameters of TV by Red, green, and blue TV colors. Based on the particularity of LCD TV, in the purchase should be from red, green, blue, white, black 5 colors to study the quality of products, so in addition to understand the basic parameters, but also to avoid you buy products have bad points, bright spots, dark spots, Leaky such unnecessary trouble.

The solution to the problem of leaky

Because the border caused by the leaky basically does not affect the normal use, so no manufacturers will be replaced. General liquid crystal display in the process of Assembly will appear a slight leaky phenomenon, we do not have to pay attention to. such as Eizo,nec display less leaky, the main reason is the Panel procurement of the use of the best quality panel, and in the assembly process is very careful, the design of the display is also excellent. Therefore, there are few obvious leaky of high-end display.

If you buy a low-grade display, there is no need to inquire about the leaky problem, because even if there is no one will be returned to you, unless the problem is very serious. But if you buy a more upscale display, then the problem of leaky must be asked clearly, after all, you spend a lot of money, get good service is also more money should get.

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