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Today we are going to explain to you what is a multi-user operating system, so that we can better understand the basics of computers

What do you mean by a multiuser operating system? What are the major operating systems? What is the biggest difference between a multi-user operating system and a Single-user operating system? Today, the Scripting House is here to explain what a multi-user operating system is, so that you can learn more about the basics of computers.

  One, what is a multi-user?

Of course want to know multi-user operating system, first understand what is multi-user, what is a single user, here or the computer system as an example, multi-user is multiple users on a computer can build multiple users, for Windows 7 system is multi-user. And if 1 computers can only use a user, it is called a single user, such as Win98 is a single user.

  Second, the meaning of multi-user operating system:

Multitasking operating systems are usually time-sharing operating systems, and several terminals use the same computer online. Terminals are only a input (for example, only keyboard, monitor, printer), no operation and storage capabilities. Each user uses the same computer through their terminals, and the computer is converted to Terminal Services according to the set time wheel, making each user feel that he or she is using the computer alone. Multi-task operating systems have a strong interaction performance.

  Third, what is a multitasking operating system?

If users can run multiple applications at the same time (each application is called a task), such an operating system is known as a multitasking operating system. If a user can only run one application at a time, the corresponding operating system is called a single task operating system. Multitasking is also about multitasking, like playing games while listening to music, such as Windows XP, a multitasking operating system.

  What are the majority of multi-user operating systems?

Now commonly used Windows operating systems are multi-user operating systems, the most widely used Win7 is a multi-user operating system, followed by including UNIX, Linux operating system is a multi-user multitasking operating system. About Single-user operating systems include Microsoft's MS Dos,windows 9X (95,98,me), Windows 2000,windows 2003,windows XP, which are single-user operating systems.

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