What is a real programmer?

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Real Programmers never write comments, and programs that are hard to write must be hard to read.

Real Programmers do not write applications, and they start programming directly from the underlying bare metal.

They think that application programming is done by people who do not program systematically.

Real Programmers do not draw flowcharts. Flowcharts are documents of unliterate people. The talents who live in the cave draw flowcharts on the rock wall.

True programmers do not read the manual. Relying on the manual is a manifestation of ignorance and weakness.

Real Programmers never do the same right. They can sit in front of the machine for 30 consecutive hours and patch the program.

A real programmer never lives nine to five days in the morning. If you see a programmer at nine o'clock in the morning, it must be that he has never slept.

The real programmer knows what the user needs better than the user.

Real Programmers like to sell popcorn at the same time. They use the heat from the CPU to make popcorn and can hear what programs are running at the burst speed.

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