What is a solid-state hard drive stronger than a common hard drive?

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  The difference between SSD and ordinary hard drive

1. Solid State hard drive to start fast, no motor speed up the rotation process.

2. Solid state Drive without head, fast random read, read delay is very small. According to the relevant test: two computers in the same configuration of the computer, the laptop with solid state drive from the boot to the desktop has taken a total of only 18 seconds, and the laptop with the traditional hard drive for 31 seconds, nearly half the two gap.

3. Relatively fixed read time. Because the addressing time is independent of the data storage location, disk fragmentation does not affect the read time.

4. DRAM based solid-state hard disk write speed is very fast.

5. Solid state Drive without noise. Because it does not have a mechanical motor and a fan like a regular hard drive, the noise value at work is 0 decibels. Some high-end or high-volume products are equipped with fans and therefore still generate noise.

6. Low-capacity flash-based solid-state drives have lower energy consumption and calorific value in the working state, but higher energy consumption for high-end or high-volume products.

7. Solid State Drive does not exist in any mechanical parts, there will be no mechanical failure, not afraid of collision, shock, vibration. This will not affect normal use even in the case of high-speed movement or even rollover tilt, and can minimize the likelihood of data loss if a laptop falls accidentally or collides with a hard object.

8. Solid-State hard disk operating temperature range is greater. A typical hard drive can only work within a range of 5-55 degrees Celsius. Most solid-state drives can work in-10~70摄氏度, and some industrial solid-state drives can work in-40~85摄氏度, or even a larger temperature range.

9. Low volume solid-state drives are smaller and lighter than the same volume. But this advantage gradually weakens with the increase of capacity. Until 256GB, solid-state drives are still lighter than ordinary hard drives of the same capacity.

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