What is a tower server?

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Tower server should be the most people see, but also the most easy to understand a type of server structure, because its shape and structure are similar to our normal use of the vertical PC, of course, because the server's motherboard expansion is strong, the slot is also a heap, so the size of the larger than the ordinary motherboard, As a result, the tower server's mainframe chassis is also larger than the standard ATX chassis, typically reserving enough internal space for future hardware and power redundancy expansion.

Because the tower server chassis is relatively large, the server configuration can also be very high, redundant expansion can be very complete, so its application is very wide, it should be said that the most current use of a server is a tower server. We usually say that the general server is usually a tower server, it can set a variety of common services to apply, whether it is the speed of applications or storage applications can use the tower server to solve.

For the use of objects or levels of use, the current common entry-level and workgroup servers are basically the type of server structure, some departmental applications will be used, but because there is only one host, even if there is a limit to upgrade, so in some applications need higher enterprises, Stand-alone server can not meet the requirements, the need for more than one machine work together, and the tower server is too large, independent too strong, collaborative work in space occupancy and system management are not convenient, this is the limitations of the tower server. However, generally speaking, this kind of server's function, the performance basically can satisfy most enterprise user's request, its cost is usually also relatively low, therefore this kind of server has the very widespread application support.

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