What is a wireless AP?

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Wireless APs (access point), the wireless access points, are wireless switches for wireless networks and the core of wireless networks. Wireless AP is mobile computer users into the wired network access point, mainly for the broadband family, the building inside and inside the park, typical distance covering dozens of meters to hundreds of meters, the current main technology for the 802.11 series. Most wireless APs also have access point client mode (AP clients) that can wirelessly connect to other APS and extend the coverage of the network.

Wireless AP (ap,access point, wireless access nodes, session points or access bridge) is a very broad name, it contains not only a simple wireless access point (wireless AP), but also the wireless router (including wireless gateway, wireless Network Bridge) and other types of equipment collectively. It mainly provides the wireless workstation to the wired local area network and from the wired LAN to the wireless workstation's access, in accesses the access point coverage the wireless workstation can communicate with each other through it.

The simple wireless AP is a wireless switch, which provides the function of wireless signal transmitting and receiving. Simple wireless AP is the principle of the operation of the network signal transmission through the twisted pair, after the compilation of AP products, signal conversion into radio signals sent out to form a wireless network coverage. According to different power, it can achieve different degree, different range of network coverage, the general wireless AP's maximum coverage distance of up to 500 meters. Most of the simple wireless AP itself does not have routing capabilities, including DNS, DHCP, firewall, and other server functions must have a separate route or computer to complete.

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