What is bi and which industries need BI?

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what is BI? Which industries need BI? bi--is to analyze the business status and external environment of enterprises by using all kinds of commercial data, so as to provide data support for business decision-making. Let's break it down in detail:

The goal of enterprise application bi is to look for unified processing and management from different data sources, transforming data into information, helping enterprises to turn information into decision making, turning decisions into action, and translating actions into more efficient business operations, thus increasing the competitive advantage of enterprises.
BI Advantage

1, instrument panel + multi-dimensional analysis + drilling;

2, arbitrary drag and rotation, a model = dozens of reports;

3, at any time, any location can obtain timely and accurate business data;

4, any mouse drill, think of where to go, in line with the human brain's decision-making habits of thinking;

the report is only a result, and can only be achieved by the query. BI can analyze. The query only tells us what the result is. Is there a problem? No matter how dazzling, simple, and convenient the query interface is-only the result. Analysis can tell us what the cause of the problem is, as long as the problem is found and the reason is found, then how to make the decision is easy and easy.

The value of BI applications

the value of business intelligence can be summed up in eight words, that is, "intelligent control of the global, management of wisdom." is to allow executives to visually and clearly see the data they care about, helping them control the entire business. These data are not directly present in the business system, and there is no reason for this data to be analyzed. and business intelligence not only let the management clear the result, but also can see the reason, let the enterprise owner know it better know its why, in order to facilitate the source control.

data situation before applying BI
(figure: The status of data before applying BI)

data state after applying BI
(figure: Data status after applying BI)

third, BI system application effect

1, data timeliness is better: timeliness is guaranteed, commonly used information curing. And once the model and the report are defined, the data will be automatically processed and the latest operating data can be viewed directly, wherever it is available.

2, reduce the amount of manual processing: a large number of business managers from the heavy production of Excel report to release, focus on business work content.

3, improve the consistency of data, reports, indicators: changes in the manual reporting of inconsistent data, and the Enterprise report system, to solve the various departments of the business Report inconsistencies, and even contradictory;

4, according to the role of positioning or function of the indicator diversion derivative;

5, the forecast angle is broader: can carry on a lot of business simulation analysis and forecast;

6, data guidance, reduce risk: data management, reduce the "Pat head", "empirical" decision-making risk. +a10:j66

The Power-bi is easier than you think!

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What is bi and which industries need BI?

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