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Let's talk about his functions:
For example, the company has a C/S structure application system (ERP or something ). the C/S application is deployed on each computer. Each computer directly accesses the database server. c/S applications often run in the LAN, because the LAN has high network bandwidth and no port restrictions. however, if a branch office is opened or remote office is required, the database connected remotely will be affected by latency, bandwidth, and port restrictions.
Generally, enterprises will consider leased lines or redevelop them into a B/S structure, which costs a lot.
Citrix is developed to solve this problem. Whether it is a branch office or remote office, even if your network bandwidth is low, Citrix still allows you to use the company's application system in the LAN for office work.
The image means that if you can access the Internet, enter the specified URL and download the Citrix client. log on to the web page and enter the account and password provided by the company to view the xxx you want to use on this web page. EXE. Double-click it to use it in the company's Lan... as long as your network speed is around 20 KPS, even the wireless network card can reach...

The principle is: When QQ is used to remotely assist other machines, the transmitted information and screen refresh occupy a lot of bandwidth and are very difficult to operate. citrix uses the ICA technology to process the screen refresh and press the mouse on the keyboard to move the information, greatly reducing the burden of network data transmission.

Citrix ~ A server is a server that does not support remote bench loading in the LAN. This server is equipped with Citrix and applications for remote operations, in this way, you can remotely log on to this server to operate this application ~~~

You can understand it ~~

Supplement :~~~ I don't know how to explain it more simply

First, use the Citrix management tool on the Citrix server to set a login webpage and publish it to the public network so that you can enter an Internet address to access the webpage.
Then, your computer can access the Internet, open this web page, enter the account password, and you will be able to see a window in which you need to remotely use the application (for example, QQ in the window, click it to remotely use QQ. This QQ is not installed on your machine, but on the Citrix server .)

Different from using "Remote Desktop" to log on to a machine, Citrix only needs a small bandwidth to use the ICA technology, just like installing this application on its own machine.
The Citrix server is used to provide remote access.

With Citrix, you can not only make remote office more convenient, but also make your company's Intranet more secure. (For example, if your QQ is installed on Citrix, but you can put the chat record on another server, you can directly face the external network only QQ, And the chat record is on the Intranet, external people cannot access it. Isn't it safer .... let me give you some examples ~~

Citrix is the world's leading provider of application service software solutions. It advocates the "Digital Independence" technology, that is, any network connection, the ability to publish any application to any form of client device (Focus !!!).

Citrix deploys existing web applications and architectures to users
The IT administrator distributes the browser to users as a publishing application.

Citrix core technologies
• Multiwin: a multi-user layer that simulates local application processing on the server;
• ICA display service on the multi-user layer: ICA is fully called independent computing architecture. It is translated into an independent computing structure, separating the execution and display logic of applications;
• ICA software on the client device: used to receive display images and send mouse movement and keyboard-hitting information to the server.

In plain words:
Citrix implements a device-and platform-independent application solution
Citrix's application-based Deployment Solution enables online operation of application systems within minutes across the entire Organization, and even around the world, rather than months as it used to be.
Citrix's remote office connection solution has been proven to be an excellent remote access technology, it can provide a variety of accessible connections for your new office or new acquired remote institution.

Assume that your company wants to deploy a new management system, but you have too many branches, many system types, and complex deployment environments. Then you can use Citrix.

To put it bluntly, it is similar to a website based on a special browser. No matter what you do, you can access the application as long as you have the permission to access the Internet in any way. You can also use the mouse and keyboard like a computer. (Now these companies are used to being complicated, which is similar to the functions implemented by Remote Desktop .... But some internal implementation methods are different)

This type of server provides this service
In a domain, internal and external services can be provided. You can connect your domain to the Internet so that others can access your service from the Internet, the premise is that the customer has installed the "ica software on the client device"

....... Out-of-Words
This is one of the technologies of foreigners. Now cloud computing has started.
This model may not be used in a few years.
This is just something like cloud computing. However, cloud computing is not powerful.
If you want to learn cloud computing, it is better to learn.
Cloud computing is better to deploy
(The premise is that there is enough $, not $, which is basically mastered by laomei)
I personally think this technology is a compromise for companies that have no money to buy cloud computing .......

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