What is DHCP in the router setup?

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Computer 100,000 why platform newest netizen question answer: What is DHCP in the router setup? Do you need to keep the startup status?

The Dynamic Host Settings protocol (Dynamics host Configuration Protocol, DHCP) is a LAN protocol that uses the UDP protocol to work There are two main uses: automatically assigning IP addresses to internal network or network service providers to the internal network administrator as a central management tool for all computers.

DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol): A protocol that a computer uses to obtain configuration information. DHCP allows an IP address to be assigned to a computer without requiring a manager to configure information about that computer in server data.

The role is to assign an IP to the PC. In a local area network, your routing has this function, then it will be the PC's MC address to remember, and then assign an IP address to the PC, and then the MC address of the PC to use this IP address after the Internet, the role is to prevent foreign PCs Internet access, and avoid the use of IP address duplication caused by errors.

DHCP is a software that automatically assigns an IP address to the user end of a login TCP/IP network, which is called

As "Dynamic IP Address"). This software is typically used on routers and other network devices, and your Gatelock router is set to use DHCP, so you don't have to manually assign permanent IP addresses to every device on the network.

What does it mean to have the DHCP server function on a router?

DHCP is a Dynamic host configuration, that is, the router has the ability to automatically assign IP, the default is open.

If the IP of the computer connected to the router is automatically acquired, the DHCP that has been routed can allow the following computers to obtain IP automatically;

If you do not open DHCP, the following computer can not automatically obtain IP, only manual settings. You can manually assign IP in the DNS column of the IP address of your router to replace the real DNS server address (such as: 192,168, 1,115 to replace the DNS server address, has been tested on the internal network can be.

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