What is cross-platform? The advantages of cross-platform development!

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Mobile apps on the market today are mainly iOS, Android and Windows three platforms, the question before the enterprise is whether to develop separately for different platforms, it is obvious that the requirements for development costs are very high, and to develop cross-platform mobile apps, but also how to deal with various technical and design challenges?
At present, the demand of the enterprise for the app is very big, the cross-platform app layout This trend is more suitable for the enterprise scene. Enterprise applications must be laid out in a variety of devices, establishing standards that allow workers to communicate effectively with a variety of individual smartphones, ensuring that the mobile network is not only transparent but also functioning properly. Such an online app for businesses will be the best investment in effective data management and communication for a company. With mobile technology and its wide use, leveraging personal intelligence to make the most of its value, keeping people connected through apps, and making it easier to share, is one of the most important chapters in the development of mobile applications in the future. There is a growing demand for information mobility, and it is necessary to share content with mobile devices, both in the workplace and in life. From news apps to Weibo, to community apps, there's basically a sharing feature, and future mobile sharing will go beyond social interaction. If content dissemination is well planned, a single spark can quickly form a prairie fire.

Cross-platform is an important concept in software development, that is, it does not depend on the operating system and does not trust the hardware environment. Applications developed under one operating system can still run under another operating system.

Cross-platform mobile application development tools meet the growing needs of developers for cross-platform development, the advantage is that developers just write once code, the development of applications can be applied to each smart phone, in addition, cross-platform development tools often use more common language. Dong Yi College is a dedicated cross-platform APP Development Training Academy Penguin Penguin? ②⑥⑤⑦①⑥②⑧⑧③

What is cross-platform? The advantages of cross-platform development!

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