What is freedom of wealth?

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Li Yu.

Language has a strong ability to reverse-shape people

If one of the concepts in the brain is inaccurate, or does not have an accurate, correct definition, we must not be able to continue to think accurately and correctly. The resulting chain reaction is, because the definition is not accurate, so the scope of thinking blurred, select the basis for missing, and then action error ... And then affect the whole life. The so-called personal wealth freedom, refers to a person no longer need to meet the needs of life to sell their own time.

The so-called wealth freedom, refers to a person no longer need to meet the needs of life to sell their own time

Ways to make money:

1. Increased hourly pay

2. Sell a lot of time, not even a few copies, such as writing long-selling books, Coca-Cola, old godmother, platform

Freedom of wealth is a milestone, personal growth to death is the end, clear and correct concept is the cornerstone of all thinking.

Measuring whether a person is smart, can be condensed into these two conditions:

1. Are there enough clear, accurate and correct concepts

2. Is there a clear, accurate and correct link between the concepts?

Wash your brain: like washing your hands, make your brain clean, eliminate the pollution caused by other people's misconceptions, and eliminate your bad habits of thinking. By actively cleaning your brain, people can become smarter.

These concepts I have unheard of, horrendous biting, no one will come out to talk about these concepts, found that the former self, the head of weeds, a group of paste, from today onwards, a reformed, well-looking, also enjoy, great sorrow!

I have never had any particular clear concept in mind, make decisions, do things, much by the moment, or completely by feeling, or follow the bandwagon, oneself is not himself, so far, there is nothing firm in the brain of things, pretending not to know from where to copy over the various concepts, the head of the things in the end, I do not know. Henceforth, oneself shape own brain, each concept must have the origin, all is oneself ponder to sift, all let its deep-rooted, firm not doubt!

Freedom of wealth

Wealth, material wealth and spiritual wealth, material wealth is usually referred to as money, the concept of freedom is difficult to define, online various conceptual interpretation, political freedom? Free speech? Personal space? Sensual freedom? Rational freedom? I myself to define this freedom, is not free, is not the body has, the freedom that defines the body by oneself, the body completely by oneself control, the wealth freedom, basically refers to the material wealth freedom: The money more to the body completely by oneself control, again concrete, buys the thing not to look at the price, only looks at the quality and the liking; More to play what do not look at the price, only look at the quality and preferences. People in this life, most people are trapped in life, from ancient to present, from inside to outside, open the door seven things-rice YOUYANJIANGCU tea, a lifetime of busy, toil, God gave the same life, the same time, the gap why so big? The only capital of a person's life is time, everything is shaped by time, thought, body, emotion, pursuit. There are 2 ways to realize the freedom of wealth: 1. Earn enough money to earn a place in this life where flowers never end. 2. Reduce the quality and preferences of the standard, of course, the premise is bound to have a certain amount of money accumulation, the standard of beggars, still not free.

The Li Huilai teacher defines a clearer and more specific: no longer sells his own time for life's needs. That is no longer to eat, wear, live, and sell their time.

2 methods

1. Increased hourly pay

2. One time to sell many copies.

The 2nd method is the 1th method of the Advanced, 2nd is the second floor, 1th is the first floor, the second is the peak, 1th is the foot, the salary is not high, absolutely not sell many copies.


Clever turns out to be such, alas, the concept is clear, solves the problem sharply, the concept is not clear, disorderly seven or eight. All the problems come from the concept

It's confirmed today.

1. Definition of freedom of wealth

2. A smart definition

3. You have to brainwash yourself.

One question left: Why does language have a strong ability to reverse-shape people?

What is freedom of wealth?

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