What is user research, interactive design, and interface design in UI design

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The UI is intended to be the user interface , an abbreviation for the English user interface. The user interface is literally composed of user and interface, but in fact it also includes the interaction between user and interface, so user interface design includes three aspects of user research, interaction design and interface design.

  1. User Research

User research includes two aspects: first, usability Engineering (usability Engineering), to study how to improve the usability of the product, make the system design more easy to use, learn and remember; second, through usability engineering research, explore the potential needs of users, Provide another way of thinking and method for technological innovation (consumer insight). So there are: usability is all about making things easier "so people" can focus the "work" and "less on" the tools that Hel P them do the work.

User research is an interdisciplinary profession involving usability engineering, human efficacy, psychology, market research, pedagogy, and design science. User research technology is to study products from the perspective of humanities, and to intervene in the development and design of products from the user's point of view.

User research through the user's work environment, the use of products and other research, so that in the early stage of product development to the user's product function expectations, design and appearance requirements into the product development process to help enterprises improve product design or explore a new product concept.

He is the access to user needs and feedback, but also the test interface and interactive design is an important criterion for rationality.

  2. Interactive design

This part refers to the interaction between human and machine engineering, in the past, interaction design is also done by programmers, in fact, programmers are good at coding, and not good at the end user interaction. Therefore, many software although the function is quite complete, but the interaction aspect design is very rough, tedious difficult to use, the study difficulty. The use of such software, not to make people smart and progress, but let people feel fooled and humiliated. Many people lose their jobs because they can't operate computer software, and this interaction makes computers a scary technology monster. So we separate the interaction design from the programmer's work into a single subject, that is, human-computer Interaction design. His aim is to strengthen the software's ease of use, ease of learning, easy to understand, so that the computer truly become a convenient tool for human services.

  3. Interface Design

In the long software development, the interface design work has not been taken seriously. The person who does the interface design also is derogatory called "art". In fact, software interface design is like industrial products in the industrial modelling design, is an important product to buy points. A friendly and beautiful interface will bring people a comfortable visual enjoyment, narrowing the distance between people and computers, to create selling points for businesses. Interface design is not a simple art painting, he needs to locate users, use the environment, the use of the way and for the end user design, is purely scientific art design. The standard for testing an interface is not the opinion of a project development team leader or the result of a project member voting, but the feelings of the end user. Therefore, interface design and user research closely combined, is a continuous design for the end user satisfaction with visual effects of the process.

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