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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

To use some techology to make your website in the top places in search engine when somebody is using search engine to find something, which is generally referred to as search optimization. The related search knowledge includes search engine positioning and search engine ranking ).
To put it simply, Seo is an online marketing method that allows websites to obtain more potential customers from Baidu and other search engines.

Seo's main work is to understand how various search engines capture Internet pages, how to index, and how to determine the ranking of search results for a specific keyword, to optimize the webpage, so that it can improve the search engine ranking, so as to increase the Website access traffic, and ultimately improve the sales or promotion capabilities of the website.

Searching is the most commonly used network behavior method except email. Searching for information through search engines is the primary means for Internet users to search for information and resources. Search engine marketing has become the most important part of network marketing. How to enable your website to be indexed by the main search engine and then ranked by a higher rank has become a topic for website builders.

In foreign countries, Seo was launched earlier. Seo technicians are called search engine optimizers (seos) by Google. Because Google is currently the world's largest search engine provider, Google has become a major research object for seos around the world. Therefore, Google's official website has a special page to introduce Seo, and show Google's attitude towards Seo.

The first appearance of Seo was to study the technical development of searching for vulnerabilities with hack, and some people found that this mechanism of ranking can be left or right, with the rapid development of the world's top search engine Google and the constantly updating of its ranking algorithm mechanism, Seo technologies and teams have also developed and grown rapidly in recent years, people's recognition and attention to Seo technologies have also increased.

SEO experts are divided into off-site SEO experts and on-site SEO experts. We will explain them separately.

Off-site Seo

Out-of-site Seo can also be said to be separated from the site's search engine technology. The name is derived from the influence of external sites on the blog's ranking in the search engine. These external factors are beyond the control of blogger. The most useful and powerful external site factor is reverse link, which we call external link.

There is no doubt that links play an important role in indexing a site into the search engine results page. Simply put, every website linked to you (blog) is regarded by the search engine as a vote for your website trust.

Theoretically, the best reverse links come from websites with high quality and ranking. They have better results than links from related keywords to related topics you write. However, you may not be able to link others to your blog. What you can do is to provide high-quality content.

So how can we generate high-quality reverse links?

We all know that it is not easy to get high-quality links. How do you get such links?

High-quality content
There are various ways to generate external links for a blog. The best way I know is to write high-quality content. Your content allows readers to read. You can seek links, register programs that automatically generate links, or even buy links on other websites. But the cheapest and safest way is to link others to your high-quality content in a natural and organized manner.

Note the blogger related to your content
I do not advocate sending emails to other blogger groups for link exchange, but I suggest if you write a quality article on a topic and think it will interest other blogger, it is valuable to send a short and polite email to these blogger to let them know about your article. Don't be embarrassed even if they don't have a link. You will find that if they click, they will generate direct traffic for the link, thus contributing to increasing the prvalue in the search engine.

CATEGORY directory
Another way to generate reverse links is to submit your blog to the category directory. I know that many webmasters are convinced of the effect of this policy. When a new site is started, the first step they do is to work around the classification directory, select a keyword and submit it to the keyword page for link. There are a lot of classification directories, most of them are free, here are some of the recommended classification directories, you may want to submit it: domz http://www.dmoz.com/World/Chinese_Simplified hao123 URL navigation http://www.hao123.com/

Blog internal link
With the development and growth of the number of blogs, blogger began to pay attention to or establish a blog network, just as people call it "link factory ". One of the benefits of a blog network is that the "Homepage" of a blog is linked to each other. In this way, you can control sites from multiple domain names. This method is meaningless, and you should be careful. If all your sites are on the same server, the search engine can easily find these links and reduce the trust value of these links, the page level is reduced to zero.

Buy Link
Many professional websites have budgets to buy links from other high-quality websites.

Exchange links
Blogger with similar content exchange links. Sometimes this behavior occurs quite naturally (just as you see someone linking to your blog, and then you will trace it back out of courtesy), but in most cases the link is for the purpose of interest, the link between two blogger is a form. I receive such reciprocal link requests almost every day (I rarely respond ). Although such exchange links will have some benefits, I would like to warn you that as SEO experts, there are many ways to track such exchange links, depreciate the value. Some attempt to perform triangular conversion by bypassing direct links. They replace A and B for direct exchange and include other sites. For example, the link between A and C is essentially to exchange with D (of course, the owner of D is the same as C), which is a headache for you, right ?! There are also a variety of systems that claim to create a secure external link for you, I know most people use the digital point's free C0-Op advertising system. Personally, I will try my best to avoid such a solution. It is effective for my readers to have valuable links.

Intra-site Seo

I have just analyzed the search engine technology that is out of the site. I will turn to the analysis of other factors that can be used when you create a blog. (Professional search engine technology-when you do these things on a blog, it will help your blog build a higher ranking ). There are all aspects of Seo expertise and many speculative Seo technologies. I would like to introduce them as much as possible:

Write rich keyword content
Adding new keywords to your article will help Google crawlers crawl the article index. But do not pile up too many keywords. We should consider "how can people find this article in search engines "? If the content people search for in Google matches the content of your article, you have to consider what words they will enter in Google to search for related articles? Explanation of the answer: You should use this word throughout your entire article.

These keywords need to be frequently mentioned in your article. You can follow the following method:
Keywords should appear in the webpage Title Tag;
There are keywords in the URL, that is, some keywords can be placed in the directory name file name;
The link text of The Link exported from the webpage contains keywords;
Display keywords in bold (at least once );
This keyword is mentioned in the tag. (There is a debate on how to use the head tag. However, we all agree that the H1 tag has a better effect than H2, H3, and H4, of course, some webpages that do not use the head label have a high PR value );
ALT tags of images can be placed into keywords;
The entire article should contain keywords, but it is best to put them in the first sentence of the first paragraph;
Put keywords in Meta Tags (this value is getting lower and lower, but some people still believe this is useful for some search engines );
Be careful not to fill all the articles with keywords for optimization, and form keywords to pile up, so as to destroy your article and distort your intention to write this article. Most SEO experts recommend that the keyword density be between 5-20%. I think the density of 20% may damage your article.

Finally, I would like to say: do not give up your blog experience for Seo optimization. Although the keyword density is very important for crawling search engines, the most important thing is whether the content and design of blogs are friendly to readers and the reader experience should be improved. Nothing is worse than a blog with all keywords filled. Never be such a case.

Topic blog
I have learned from my recent Seo theories that if your blog is about the same topic, it will probably get a better ranking. For example, a topic will have a higher ranking than a topic that covers multiple topics. If you create a blog with more than 200 pages and the content is the same topic, the ranking of this blog will be continuously improved because your blog is considered authoritative in this topic. Consider this suggestion to keep your blog on some of the same topics. If you do not do this, it does not mean that your blog will never get a better ranking. It is just a factor to consider.

Site Design
Search engines prefer friendly web page structures, correct code, and websites with clear navigation. Make sure that your pages are valid and visualized in mainstream browsers. The search engine does not like too many flash, I frames, and Java Script scripts, so keeping the site clean and tidy will also help the search engine spider crawl to your index faster and more accurately.

Internal link of the site
The search engine uses a spider program to capture web page information, track the content you write, search for web pages through the link address of the web page, and extract hyperlink addresses. Many SEO experts recommend that the blog provide website maps. It is best to have one or two in-depth links between every page on the blog. The first step for blogger to do is to ensure that the navigation contains a directory page and that each sub-page has a link back to the home page and other important pages.

Regular updates
The more frequently the blog is updated, the more frequently the search engine crawls. This means that new blog articles can appear in the index in a few days or even hours without waiting for a few weeks. This is the best way to benefit from a blog. Do as much as possible.

Export Link
I have always believed that the relevant export links will increase the ranking of blogs in the search engine. I often link to other related sites in my articles. I think this is useful to my readers and I have some interesting evidence to support this theory. When your blog is linked to an external site, part of the blog traffic will be reduced, so you need to calculate the loss of this operation. Note: You should also try to link some authoritative websites to your own blog. Remember that too many export links will affect your blog, as Seo says: "moderate is the key ".

Select a domain name wisely
Domain name selection has many factors. The most important thing is to include keywords whenever possible. Second, you should take a moment to see if someone has registered this domain name. Of course, the effect is also gender. If there is a high quality site with its reverse link, you will benefit from it. However, there may also be some junk sites that do reverse link, then you may be banned by Google for a long time.

Register a domain name as early as possible
Google's behavior proves that domain names registered earlier will rank higher. This is because many spam sites only register for a short period of time, and the domain name is long enough to prove that your purpose is to build a site and operate it for a long time.

Topic of each article
The more compact the topic of a page, the better the search engine's ranking. Sometimes you may find that you have written a long article covering different topics and their relevance is not high. If you are concerned about the ranking of search engines, you 'd better split such articles into several articles with closer topics.

Write Articles with proper length
There are some people who think that the search engine optimization is too short to get a higher ranking. Generally, I control each article with at least 250 words. Of course, there are also shorter articles in my blog, but if I want the articles to have a good ranking, I will pay attention to controlling its length. On the other hand, do not make the article appear too long, because it will not help you maintain the density of keywords, the article also seems to lack of compact. Research shows that too long articles will dramatically reduce the number of readers. They chose to close the article at the first glance.

Avoid duplication of content
Google severely warned about the same content on multiple webpages in the user guide. Whether these webpages are yours or owned by others. Because a series of spam sites are constantly copying webpage content (also stealing others' website content ). There are some arguments about what content is counted as a copy and what should not be included (for example, many blogger prefer to share free articles on their own blogs, these articles have appeared on millions of web pages. My suggestion is that if your blog content appears in many places, you should be careful.

Services such as pingomatic can help you ping other sites and prompt that your blog content has been updated. In this way, the search engine will know that your article has been updated to attract crawlers.

Submit the RSS of the blog to myyahoo
Submit the RSS seed of the blog to the myyahoo reader of Yahoo, which facilitates Yahoo indexing. You can also submit it to Google's personalised pages, which has the same effect.

Number of directories
When I have too many directories, I will be in trouble. I think the level of a large site is higher than that of a small site. Of course, some small sites also have a higher level, which is not a standard. The more directories, the more comprehensive the search engine is. If you have too many pages, you need to organize them to facilitate search engine crawling. I do not mean creating unnecessary junk directories. Please note that it is best to create a large and complete site over time.

Submit to search engine
If you have done what Seo Should Do on the site, the blog hasn't appeared in the search engine yet. That's because the search engine hasn't started indexing. Each search engine allows users to submit sites not included. It usually takes a long time to wait for the indexing of the search engine, perhaps the faster way is to get links to sites indexed by search engines.

Seo optimizes the overall structure, layout, keyword distribution, and density of a Website Based on the technology and experience gained from long-term exploration and observation by using search engines to incorporate website Rules, this allows websites to capture search engines in a friendly manner, so as to optimize search engines to improve rankings.
Be careful!

Because the ranking rules and algorithms of search engines are not fixed and constantly changing, and these rules and algorithms are absolute trade secrets, therefore, it is impossible to achieve the effect of ensuring a certain number of places.

It is understood that there are currently many people under the banner of Seo, claiming that you can rank your website first in Baidu and Google, and the practice is a means of cheating, this allows your website to become a top position in a short period of time. However, the search engine can identify these methods to be punished. The most serious reason for your website to be punished is that it disappears completely from all major search engines and is not accepted.
Therefore, we hope that you will be careful not to make your website a victim for immediate benefit.

Seo = more pages + friendly arrangement of page text + Conversion Rate

Seo is divided into white hat SEO and black hat SEO. Common cheating methods of black hat SEO:

Bridge page(Doorway pages)
Generally, software is used to automatically generate a large number of webpages containing keywords, and then automatically redirect from these webpages to the home page. The goal is to make these bridge pages with different keywords a good ranking in the search engine. When the user clicks the search result, it will automatically go to the home page. Sometimes it is to put a link to the home page on the bridge page, instead of automatically turning. In most cases, these bridge pages are generated by software. As you can imagine, the generated text is messy and there is no logic. If it is a keyword-containing article written by a person, it is not a bridge page.

Keywords stacking(Keyword stuffing)
A large number of keywords are piled up on the web page, hoping to increase the keyword density and increase the relevance of the web page targeting the keywords. Keywords can be stacked in many places. For example, the text you can see may also be in the Title Tag, Title Tag, keyword tag, and description tag. It should be said that with the improvement of search engine algorithms, keyword density is no longer an important factor. This cheating method can only cause trouble for your website.

Hide text(Hidden text)
Hidden text is text containing keywords in the HTML file of a webpage, but these words cannot be viewed by users and can only be viewed by search engines. There can be several forms, such as text in the ultra-small font size, text in the same color as the background, text in the comment label, text in the input label of the table, place text on an invisible layer through a style sheet. The goal is to improve the relevance of web pages. Sometimes, some people still put keywords irrelevant to the website content in these places, but they hope the webpage can get a good ranking and traffic under these popular keywords.

Hide Link(Hidden link)
The hidden link is similar to the hidden text, but the difference is that the keyword is placed in the link, which is invisible to the user.

Hide page(Cloaked page)
Some web pages use programs or scripts to detect whether they are accessing a search engine or a common user. If it is a search engine, the webpage returns the optimized webpage version. If the visitor is an ordinary person, another version is returned. This cheating method is usually invisible to users. Because once your browser looks at this webpage, whether on the page or in the HTML source file, you get a different version than the one seen by the search engine. You can check the snapshot of this webpage.

Link to purchase(Link buying)
Although it is normal to buy advertisements on other websites, sometimes if the ad links you buy are purely for improving the webpage-level PR or to manipulate the search engine ranking, it will also be used as a means of cheating. There is a vague line between how to distinguish between normal advertising and cheating methods. But the people who do this are very clear in their hearts. If your website is considered to be cheating by purchasing links, you cannot argue with search engines. Because the decision of the search engine is the final decision. Of course, what's more serious is that if your website is a website that sells links, your troubles will be even greater.

What Does Seo need to know?
After learning about what Seo is, it may stimulate your interest in Seo. You will ask what to learn about Seo? In fact, Seo is not as mysterious as you think, or as a hacker. To put it simply, Seo requires you to enable a good "communication" between the search engine on the webpage so that the search engine can properly understand Your webpage, if no search engine can find your website, let alone rankings. Because each search engine needs to find your website in a certain way, you need to follow certain rules on your webpage, otherwise, it would be like the old saying in China, "no chance to meet or not meet each other". Google's Guide to website administrators is a good guide to website construction.
Of course, this is not enough. You must master the following knowledge points:
1. Learn how search engines crawl webpages and how to index webpages
You need to know the basic working principles of some search engines, the differences between different search engines, and how the search robot (SE robot or web crawler) works, how does a search engine sort search results.
2. meta tag Optimization
It mainly includes the subject, description, and key words ). There are also some other hidden texts such as author, category, and language.
3. How to select keywords and place them on the webpage
Keywords are used for search. Keyword analysis and selection are one of the most important tasks of SEO. First, determine the main keywords for the website (generally in five upper and lower cases), and then optimize these keywords, including the keyword density (density), relevance (relavancy), and prominency) and so on.
4. Understand major search engines
Although there are thousands of search engines, there are only a few that determine the website traffic. For example, Google, Inktomi, and Altavista are mainly used in English; Baidu and Sohu are used in Chinese. Different search engines have different page crawling, indexing, and sorting rules. We also need to understand the relationship between various search portals and search engines. For example, Yahoo and AOL Web Search use Google's search technology, while MSN uses looksmart and Open Directory technologies.
5. Main internet Directories
Yahoo itself is not a search engine, but a large website directory, and open directory is not. The main difference between Yahoo and search engine is that the website content is collected differently. Directories are manually edited and mainly include the website homepage. The search engine automatically collects directories and captures a large number of content pages in addition to the homepage.
6. Click-based search engines
Search engines also need to make profits. As Internet businesses become more and more mature, paid search engines are becoming increasingly popular. The most typical examples are Overture and Baidu, and of course Google's advertising project Google adwords. More and more people are positioning commercial websites by clicking ads on the search engine. There is also a lot of knowledge about optimization and ranking. You have to learn to get the most clicks with the least advertising investment.
7. Search Engine Login
After the website is complete, do not lie there waiting for the guests to fall from the sky. The easiest way for others to find you is to submit the website to the search engine. Although free is no longer the mainstream of the Internet (at least search engines)-if you are a commercial website, the major search engines and directories require you to pay for indexing (for example, Yahoo costs $299), but the good news is that Google, the largest search engine (at least till now), is still free, it also dominates more than 60% of the search market.
8. Link Popularity)
Web content is linked to each other in the form of Hyper Text, as is the case between websites. In addition to search engines, people also surf through links between different websites every day "). The more links from other websites to your website, the more traffic you will get. More importantly, the more external links your website have, the more important the search engine considers it to be, thus giving you a higher ranking. Therefore, you have to spend a lot of energy on exchanging links with others.
1. Patience. If you have no patience, go home. Many customers also want you to optimize the website today and go up tomorrow. This is unrealistic and you need to make it clear to the customer.
2. determination. It takes a lot of effort to develop Seo. You must be strong and indomitable in order to succeed.
3. Concentrate. Focusing on the success stories of Seo is the key.
4. Concern. Take a look at the latest developments in the SEO field.
5. Be careful. Do not violate the clear text rules of some search engines.
6. Greedy. Soldiers who do not want to be generals are not good soldiers.
7. Be Cruel. You cannot afford to leave your child alone.
8. Talk. We often talk to people. We 'd better find a few things that are not lower than your seoer. You are welcome to discuss with Dan the strange phenomenon of search engines.
9. Conscience. Do not overdo the search engine or other seoer.
10. Comfortable. You can relax at the right time to ensure that you are energetic in the face of problems.

Which of the following is an incorrect question you should not ask about Seo:

1. How much does it cost to make certain keywords the homepage of Baidu or Google? Or, how much do you need to do it for me?
The essence of this issue is to enable Seo consultants or SEO companies to provide keyword ranking guarantees. However, this cannot be guaranteed, and the amount of money is useless. Because the search engine is not a SEO consultant or a SEO Company, the final ranking decision is in the search engine program.

2. Can I provide an optimization scheme or try it for 1-2 months first, and then decide whether to pay the reward based on the effect?
Seo is not just a few words or a solution, but a very systematic project. Any plan and solution requires a lot of preliminary work. Including competitor analysis, website structure analysis, keyword locating, link check, and spam clearing. It is unfair for Seo consultants or SEO companies to apply or provide optimization solutions first. This is not like a commercial cooperation.

3. Do you have any friends in Baidu or Google?
Well, it's useless even if it does. The search engine does not change the ranking of a person.

Seo marketing advantages

Long effectiveness: it can be used for a long time with professional Seo maintenance, one year, two years, or even forever.
Good results: the website traffic increases, and the number of registered users increases. These can be precisely quantified. Unlike advertisements, it is difficult to accurately evaluate the effect.
Cost effectiveness: it is much cheaper than bidding rankings and advertising. The cost of spot price rankings or online advertising is now getting higher and higher, and Seo has an absolute advantage over.
User Experience: enhances website friendliness and brand reputation.

In addition, Seo is often used in the Internet. Because the full-spelling input method is used, the word "Seo" is used. In some cases, Seo also explains the issue.

From: http://baike.baidu.com/view/1047.htm

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