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What is URL forwarding?

URL Forwarding is a special value-added Domain Name Service provided by Chinese enterprise resources for domain names registered with Chinese enterprise resources. This service is set through special technologies of Chinese enterprise resource servers, when you access your domain name, it will automatically jump to another network address (URL) you specified ). Assuming abc.com is your domain name registered with a Chinese enterprise resource, the URL forwarding service enables automatic redirection to access another URL, such as the http://www.abc.com, when accessing the http://www.otherdomain.com/somedir/other.htm. Of course, note that your domain name (such as abc.com) has been successfully registered through the Chinese enterprise resources and uses the default DNS server of the Chinese enterprise resources; second, you also set the destination address to which it is forwarded (as shown above: http://www.otherdomain.com/somedir/other.htm) is accessible on the Internet, so that your URL is successfully forwarded.
It can be seen that the URL forwarding service is especially suitable for users with a primary website and multiple domain names at the same time. Through the URL forwarding service, you can easily point multiple domain names to one website or website subdirectory;
In addition, through the URL forwarding service, you can easily set up to automatically forward your Chinese domain name to your English domain name master site.

· What is the difference between a URL forwarding hidden path and a non-hidden path?

Do not hide path URL forwarding: for example: http:// B .com/pointing to http://a.com/xxx/ (any directory); when you press http:// B .com/in the browser address bar and press enter, the address displayed in the address bar of IE browser will be automatically changed from the http:// B .com you typed into/to display the real destination address http://a.com/xxx;
Hide path URL forwarding: for example: http:// B .com/pointing to http://a.com/xxx/ (any directory); when you press http:// B .com/in the browser address bar and press enter, the address displayed in the IE browser address bar remains unchanged, still http:// B .com/, but actually accessed is the content of the http://a.com/xxx.

· How to Set URL forwarding?

After the domain name is successfully registered, log on to the China Enterprise Resource member Area Domain Name management-enter the domain name you want to set up URL forwarding in "single resolution" for self-resolution of domain names and click "add other records" to fill in the target you want to forward address, select "URL forwarding" and submit for confirmation. The setting generally takes effect 24-48 hours later. Please wait patiently.
Note: modifying the target address of URL Forwarding is also roughly the same operation method.

· How to cancel URL forwarding?
Log on to the China Enterprise Resources member Area Domain Name management-domain name self-resolution "single resolution", enter the domain name you want to set URL forwarding to confirm, and then select an existing URL forwarding domain name, click "delete selected record ".

· What is the effective time of URL forwarding?

For a domain name that has been successfully registered, if you have set or canceled the URL forwarding settings, they generally take effect within 24-48 hours. Please wait patiently after completing the settings. Thank you! If you modify the destination address of a successfully configured URL forwarding domain name, the modification takes effect in 1-2 hours.

· What is domain name resolution?

Domain name resolution is the process of converting the domain name to the IP address. The IP address is the digital address that identifies your site on the network. To make it easy to remember, use a domain name instead of an ip address to identify the site address. Domain name resolution is completed by the DNS server.

· How to Set domain name resolution?
Log on to our membership system and choose "self-resolution of domain names.

· Domain names cannot be managed in the member Zone

Send an email to the Technical Department, specify the domain name, IP address to be directed to, brief instructions, and requirements, and stamp the domain name owner's seal (unit user) or a copy of the ID card (individual user) with it ), the domain name resolution takes effect 24-48 hours after the technical department receives the fax.
Note: The DNS of the domain name to be resolved is the DNS server of the Enterprise resource itself.

· What is the difference between DNS modification and domain name resolution?

DNS modification and domain name resolution have different meanings:
(1) DNS Modification refers to the modification of the Domain Name System.
If you have an independent DNS server and want to use this DNS to resolve a domain name that has been successfully registered, you can select DNS to modify the business (note: the domain name to be changed must be registered in our company or successfully transferred to our company ). Please log on to the member area-Domain Name Service-domain name management-click the corresponding domain name-DNS modification to modify your domain name DNS information
(2) domain name resolution: domain names correspond to IP addresses one by one. The conversion between them is called domain name resolution. domain name resolution must be completed by a dedicated domain name resolution server (DNS.
If both your host and domain name are successful, resolution is required. If your domain name DNS is the default DNS for Chinese enterprise resources, please log on to the member area-domain name management-domain name self-resolution, enter the corresponding domain name-Modify your domain name resolution. If your domain name DNS is not a resolution server for Chinese enterprise resources, please contact the DNS service provider.

· What is wildcard domain name resolution?

Wildcard domain name resolution refers to the resolution of *. domain names to the same IP address.
You can add any subdomain name before the domain name to access the directed WEB address. That is, all * .a.com set under the customer's domain name a.com is resolved to the same IP address. For example, if B .a.com is set, the client automatically resolves it to the same IP address as a.com. (We do not provide this service currently)

For various reasons, we sometimes need to create multiple web sites on one IP address. In IIS5, we may achieve this through simple settings.
In IIS, each Web site has a unique identifier consisting of three parts to receive and respond to requests:
(1) IP Address
(2) Port Number
(3) Host header name.

In IIS, multiple independent web sites are created on an IP address. there are usually two methods. This article introduces the Host Header method in the form of an example, you can use this method to create a professional VM.

Environment: Assume that ** the company (Haha...) uses a win2000 Server to provide the virtual host service. The address is Internet Service (iis5) has been installed on this server.
At present, the company requires the network administrator to use an IP address on the server to establish an independent website for the four companies of ABCD. Each website has its own independent domain name. The four website domain names are www.a.comwww. B .comwww.c.comwww.d.com respectively.

By using the Host header, the site only needs one IP address to maintain multiple sites. Customers can use different domain names to access their respective sites, and they do not feel that these sites are on the same host.

The procedure is as follows:
1. create folders for four companies on the win2000 Server as the Home Directory of the WEB site.
D: \ web \ a company website
D: \ web \ B company website
D: \ web \ c company website
D: \ web \ d Company website

2. Use the WEB site management Wizard to create independent WEB sites for each of the four companies. The biggest difference between the four companies is that they use different host headers:

Company A site Company B site Company C site Company D site
IP address
TCP port 80
Read and run scripts with Permissions
Host Header www.a.com www. B .com www.c.com www.d.com
Site Home Directory d: \ web \ a d: \ web \ B d: \ web \ c d: \ web \ d

In the DNS, all the four domain names are registered to the same address: In this way, the client can use:

Http://www.a.com visit company A site.
Http://www. B .com visit Company B site.
Http://www.c.com visit Company C site.
Http://www.d.com visit Company D site.

3. the Host header name of each site can be set in the WEB site creation wizard. It is on the same screen as the site IP address and TCP port. you may also click the site-> "properties"-> "WEB site" tag-> select "advanced" on the right of the IP address to jump out of the "advanced multi-WEB site configuration" for configuration.

In this way, professional virtual hosts can be established. Almost all companies that use IIS to provide virtual hosts do this.

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