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Intel Smart Cache Technology (Intel Advanced Smart Cache) is one of the 5 innovations included in the Intel Core Microarchitecture introduced in 2006, designed for multi-core processors that enable each kernel to dynamically leverage up to 100% of available level two cache resources. And at the same time fetch data from the cache at a higher throughput, effectively enhancing the execution efficiency of the multi-core architecture, increasing absolute performance and performance per watt.

Features and innovations of Intel Smart Cache Technology

Based on the smart cache in the previous Yonah processor, Intel released Intel Smart Cache Technology (Intel Advanced Smart Cache) in the core microarchitecture introduced in 2006. Unlike the previous smart cache, the core microarchitecture further enhances the ability to prefetch (read-forward) caching, with each kernel having 3 independent prefetching mechanisms (two data segments and one index segment) and two 2 and cached prefetching mechanisms to make different cores more "intelligent" With level two cache resources, the hit rate of level two cache is greatly increased to improve overall execution efficiency.

In addition, in the Intel Smart cache technology, each core can dynamically dominate all level two cache. When a kernel is currently taking advantage of the cache, the other kernel can dynamically increase the proportion of the two-level cache (L2 cache). Even when one of the cores is shut down, you can still keep all the caches in the working state, or you can turn off the partial cache to reduce power consumption as needed.

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