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Network cabinets, which are used to assemble panels, plug-ins, inserts, electronic components, devices and mechanical parts and components to form a whole installation box. According to the current type, there are server cabinets, wall-mounted cabinets, network-type cabinets, standard cabinets, intelligent protective outdoor cabinets and so on. The capacity is straight between 2U and 42U.


The network cabinet is composed of frame and cover plate (door), generally has cuboid shape, landing place. It provides suitable environment and safety protection for the normal work of electronic equipment. This is second only to the system level of the first class assembly. Cabinets that do not have a closed structure are called racks.

Quality requirements

The network cabinet should have good technical performance. The structure of the cabinet should be based on the electrical, mechanical properties and use of the environment requirements, the necessary physical design and chemical design, to ensure that the structure of the cabinet has good stiffness and strength, as well as good electromagnetic isolation, grounding, noise isolation, ventilation and cooling performance. In addition, the network cabinet should have anti-vibration, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, dustproof, waterproof, radiation and other performance, in order to ensure that the equipment stable and reliable work. Network cabinets should have good usability and safety protection facilities, easy operation, installation and maintenance, and can ensure the safety of operators. Network cabinets should be convenient for production, assembly, commissioning and packaging transportation. The network cabinet should conform to the requirements of standardization, normalization and serialization. Cabinet modelling Beautiful, applicable, color coordination.

Production development

The early use of the network cabinets are mostly castings or angle steel screws, rivets connected or welded into the cabinet frame, and then by the thin plate made of the cover plate (door). This cabinet of large size, bulky, simple in appearance, has been eliminated. With the use of transistors and integrated circuits and the miniaturization of various components and devices, the structure of cabinets has been developed in the direction of miniaturization and building blocks. The network cabinet has been developed from the past whole panel structure into a certain size series of plug box, plug-in structure. The assembly arrangement of the Insert box and the plug-in is arranged in two categories horizontally and vertically. The network cabinet material commonly uses the thin steel plate, each kind of section shape steel profile, the aluminum profile and each kind of engineering plastics and so on. The frame of the network cabinet is connected with welding and screw, and the bonding process is also adopted.

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