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Introduction to portable WLAN hotspots:

The so-called portable WLAN hotspot is to share the Internet with other WLAN-enabled devices. A handheld device can be used as a wireless router to broadcast a wireless network outside and then be received by other WLAN-enabled devices. The handheld device will use its own data online (3G/GPRS) to perform this function. Please note that network operators may charge additional data service charges.

Figure 1. WLAN network and WLAN hotspot features

 Portable WLAN settings

If you want to share the Internet with a WLAN-enabled device, make sure to turn on the portable WLAN hotspot feature. On the main screen, press the menu > Settings > Wireless and network to check the portable WLAN hotspot. To change the network name and secure online security, click the portable WLAN hotspot settings. When the settings are complete, the handheld device starts broadcasting its WLAN network name, and then it can connect up to 8 units. If you want to stop sharing the Internet online, uncheck the portable WLAN hotspot.

 Features of portable WLAN

WLAN is simply wireless LAN, what is Wireless LAN? WLAN is the meaning of wireless LAN, wireless local area network is a fixed LAN extension. A network connection without a cable limit. The same as a wired LAN. Flexibility and mobility, simple point to point technology, the infrastructure network provides distributed data connectivity and roaming, comparable to the wired LAN, but without cable restrictions, effective LAN extension, your mobile phone can be networked, use your mobile phone as the Internet tool, and your mobile WiFi is also a wireless AP, Send the wireless signal, the other device input password connected to the Internet.

Figure 2. WLAN hotspot Features

 Portable WLAN Hotspot Considerations

1: You need to have mobile Internet online (gprs/3g) in order to use this service. Your network operator may charge a fee for gprs/3g use.

2: This feature requires gprs/3g to function properly, and will shorten the use time of the handheld device battery.

3: All applications that are the main screen in the lower left corner of the square diagram, you can open the phone's application menu.

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