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What is pseudo-static? I have been talking about static and pseudo-static in the forum. Which of the following statements can be specific, or is there any complete reference or learning materials? thank you!

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Pseudo-static is the file that your urlinputs is a static. HTML file, which is actually a dynamic page processed by the background. You can also beautify your actual url.

Pseudo static is like this:
You access the http://www.baidu.com/index.html, actually accessing the http://www.baidu.com/index.php.

In fact, this is also the case of pseudo-static.

1. check whether Apache supports mod_rewrite. # enable RewriteEngine mode.
2. create an. htaccess file, place the pseudo-static setting text in the website directory, and modify the php-related link code. You have to write more information on the previous pages. It took me a few days.

RewriteEngine On
RewriteRule ^ archiver/(fid | tid)-[0-9] + \. html) $ archiver/index. php? $1
RewriteRule ^ forum-([0-9] +)-([0-9] +) \. html $ forumdisplay. php? Fid = $1 & page = $2
RewriteRule ^ thread-([0-9] +)-([0-9] +)-([0-9] +) \. html $ viewthread. php? Tid = $1 & extra = page \ % 3D $3 & page = $2
RewriteRule ^ space-(username | uid)-(. +) \. html $ space. php? $1 = $2
RewriteRule ^ tag-(. +) \. html $ tag. php? Name = $1

Baidu, it's not hard.

Apache url rewriting can achieve pseudo-static state. There are many instances on the Internet.

Pseudo-static means that the url address is defined as the desired url address.

A php file generates an html file for users to access. this is static.
If you do not generate an html file, you can still access it through the url with the html suffix, so that the URL is rewritten to point to the PHP file, which is pseudo-static.
Compared with static, the URLs with html suffixes are accessed, but the services point to PHP files, so they are pseudo.

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