What is sockets?

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Sockets (N. nest, point, hole, socket, and teeth are bad. The computer's favorite idea should be "Network Interface". I'm not sure. I found this Winsock by Google. Winsock network programming), But it seems to be about vc6.0 and VB6.0. Fortunately, it is a bit worth mentioning:
Socket:Socket is the basic component of the network. It is a communication endpoint that can be named and addressable. Each socket in use has its type and a process connected to it. The socket exists in the communication area (also known as address cluster. The socket only exchanges data with the socket in the same region (a specific and conversion process must be executed across regions ). In Windows, sockets only support one domain-Internet domain. The socket has a type.
Windows Socket 1.1 Two sockets: Stream socket (sock_stream) and datagram socket (sock_dgram ).
Windows Sockets implementationA Windows Sockets implementation is a set of software that implements all the functions described in the Windows Sockets specification, generally implemented through DLL files.

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