What is the building intercom system?

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Residential district is characterized by user concentration, large capacity, unified security management, and most of the domestic economic income is not high, so the Community security system must meet the "safe and reliable, cost-effective, centralized management" requirements, although the current market has a variety of security systems, but really in line with the characteristics of the community, Not many products suitable for use in the community. Building intercom system as such products, with fewer connections, household isolation is not afraid of short circuit, indoor without power supply, standby state does not consume electricity, no dedicated video line, high stability, reliable performance, easy maintenance and so on.

With the continuous increase of residential housing, residential property management is becoming increasingly important. The management method of visitor registration and watch guard is not suitable for modern management fast, convenient and safe demand. Building intercom system is the installation of anti-theft door in each unit, the Community Master Control center of the Administrator switchboard, building entrances to the intercom host, electronic control lock, door and the user's home of the visual intercom extension through the private network composition. To achieve visitors and households intercom, the household can be remote-activated anti-theft door, each unit of the elevator visitors through the host to speak to the occupants, the other side agreed to enter the building, thus restricting the entry of illegal personnel. At the same time, if the household robbery or sudden illness, through the system can inform security personnel to receive timely support and treatment.

Security perimeter.

In a closed residential area surrounded by walls, on the fence, set up an advanced active infrared intrusion detector, the use of infrared beam closed around the top, once someone turned over the wall, the monitoring center of the community electronic map can quickly show the spot, and issued a sound and light alarm, remind on duty timely police. According to the location of the alarm displayed by the electronic map, the attendant calls the nearest patrol personnel to dispose of it through the radio station.

Second line of defense television surveillance system

The entrance and exit of the gate and the parking lot (library) of the residential district elevator car and the main channel in the community, installed a television monitoring system, and the implementation of 24-hour surveillance and video, monitoring center of the personnel through the television screen can be adjusted at any time to see the situation, once there is a case, the police can provide valuable image evidence information.

Third line of defense electronic patrol system

In the whole community after the housing estates, green belts, walkways and other places are reasonable, scientifically set up the electronic patrol system recording devices. The recording device can be detailed, accurately record the patrol personnel every time before the device, "untouchables" supervision of each patrol personnel according to the scheduled patrol line and time interval to complete the patrol task, effectively ensure that the patrol personnel in the specified time to reach any location in the community alarm points.

Fourth line of defense building intercom system

At the entrance and exit of the district, the residential building, the door of each building is equipped with a visitor intercom system, when visitors come to the district entrance, by the property security personnel to call the users, confirmed that someone at home and the identity of the residents confirmed visitors, visitors can enter the community. After entering the community, visitors in the building after the door according to the number of respondents, through with the owner of the recognition, the host through the remote control mode to open the bottom of the electronic anti-theft door, let visitors enter. The intercom device is also connected to the Community Monitoring Center and can be contacted at any time.

Fifth line of Defense anti-theft alarm System

Each household in the residential district has installed a home alarm or emergency alarm (help) network terminal equipment. One or two floor occupants of the balcony and Windows installed into the detector, balcony, window, once the intruder, the control center can immediately display the alarm site, so that patrol personnel quickly rushed to the alarm point disposal. At the same time, in each household bedroom, living room and other hidden places also installed emergency alarm (Rescue) button, the owner once encountered danger or other aspects of help, can press the button, passed to the control center. The control center can also be connected with the public security "110" police center to achieve networking.

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