What is the Conime.exe process? Conime.exe Virus Removal method

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What is the Conime.exe process?

Conime.exe is an Input Method Editor related program. Allow users to enter complex characters and symbols using a standard keyboard, and note that it may also be a bfghost1.0 remote control backdoor program. This program allows attackers to access your computer, steal passwords and personal data. It is recommended that you delete this process immediately.

Process files: Conime or Conime.exe
Process Name: Conime
Produced by: Microsoft
Belongs to: Microsoft
System process: No
Background program: No
Use Network: No
Hardware Related: No
Common error: unknown n/A
Memory usage: unknown N/A
Security Level (0-5): 4
Spyware: No
Advertising software: No
Virus: No
Trojan: No
This process is an important system process, it will not start with the system automatically started, will only start the command line will be started, but if the deletion or termination will result in special text input difficulties, and Microsoft's new version of the system will not run the process [1]. The associated virus has been intercepted, and should take immediate action if it is found to be an abnormal startup.

File location

Conime.exe is a processing console input method of a program, often after running Cmd.exe will appear, is running Cmd.exe after the use of Ctrl+shift switch Input method function, the end of the process can not switch.
Do not easily delete this file, because the deletion may cause automatic shutdown, if the automatic shutdown, indicating that this is not an input method editor related programs, there may be a virus! Some systems will appear conime.exe process when installing files, such as entering computer name or username using Chinese character input method.

Conime.exe Virus Removal method

Conime.exe Process Description: Conime.exe is an input method editor, allowing users to use the standard keyboard can enter complex characters and symbols!
Conime.exe may also be a bfghost1.0 remote control backdoor program. This program allows attackers to access your computer, steal passwords and personal data. It is recommended that you delete this process immediately. ”
It was always unknown when the process started quietly, and later found that it often appeared after running Cmd.exe. However, Conime.exe is not a cmd.exe child process, and its parent process ID is not displayed in Task Manager.
Conime are often infected with viruses and are recommended for deletion.

1. Start menu-run-enter "msconfig"-OK-open "System Configuration Utility"-"Startup" tab-Remove "tick" before Conime.exe option, click OK.

2. Open Task Manager (Ctrl+alt+del), end the Conime.exe process, and then find Conime.exe remove it in system32 (it is recommended to use the system's own search tool, search the file, remove all the found.) Do not worry about the normal input method Conime.exe is deleted, restart can restore the Conime.exe, it can not be reinstalled.

3. Start menu-run-enter regedit-OK-turn on-hkey_current_user-console-loadconime modify parameter to 0.

completely remove prohibit Conime.exe start running method:

The first step is to conime.exe the process first, then find the Conime.exe in System32 to remove it.
The second step is to modify the registry to find:/"hkey_current_user//console/"/"loadconime/" modified to/"0/" can

Method 1: First ends the conime.exe process and then finds Conime.exe to delete it in System32.
Method 2: Modify the registry to find:/"hkey_current_user//console/"/"loadconime/" modified to/"0/" can actually be honest, conime. EXE is indeed created by CMD.EXE. Just open process EXPLORER, Delete the conime.ime process in memory, then start CMD.EXE can see then start CONIME.EXE, CONIME.EXE is the Chinese input of CMD, delete this process, CMD.EXE will not be able to enter Chinese.   Because the CMD.EXE is closed, the CONIME.EXE is not automatically closed, so it is easy to appear this is not a parent-child process illusion.
Conime. EXE is not deleted, deleted after the DOS command window can not be entered in Chinese.

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