What is the Conime.exe process in the Win7 system?

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first, the Origin and function

The Conime.exe process is a system process defined by Microsoft for its Windows 2000/xp/2003 operating system, and it does not exist in Windows 7, Windows 8 systems, and this process typically exists only in a system version developed by Microsoft for Asian users. If there is a discovery in the system that the process is running, then you can find it in the following file directory of the system:

C:windowssystem32 (where C represents the system disk letter).

The function of the Conime.exe process is not very large, mainly in order to provide command-line programs with a variety of input method support, so it is only when the command line program started Conime.exe process will start.

Second, the Conime.exe process starts with the Windows command line program

This process is running without windows, you can understand that it changes a main reference information is the above command line program displayed below the input method, we can enter different special punctuation, Chinese and other Asian body language to benefit from Conime.exe support.

How can you intuitively understand the relationship between Conime.exe process and input method? I have a very simple way of looking at what seems to work, and that is to keep typing (press and hold a letter button to not let go), Then observe the CPU usage of the Conime.exe process in Task Manager you'll find that when you keep typing, the CPU usage of Conime.exe soars, and the CPU occupancy rate is 0% when you stop typing. Of course, if you look at this process is not pleasing to the eye can also be banned, violence can also be deleted, but later you in the command line program cmd.exe can not enter special symbols and Chinese, but this does not affect the system and other software.

Iii. Virus and security

As a system process for Windows, Conime.exe has been favored by many viruses because a system process usually obtains more trust from users, so some viruses use the same name. But don't worry, here are some ways to identify and discover the Conime.exe virus Trojan horse program without the help of antivirus software.

If you do not start the command line, you will find that the Conime.exe process is running, most likely a virus;

If the command line is turned on without touching the keyboard, the CPU usage of the Conime.exe process has been changed, possibly the virus;

If not in the C:windowssystem32 directory, it is likely to be a virus;

If you delete the Conime.exe in the C:windowssystem32 directory, this process is very likely to be a virus;

If you are using a Windows 7 system, then Conime.exe is very likely to be a virus because Win7 does not have this process.

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