What is the deployment server for WDS?

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Windows Deploy sever (Windows Deployment Services WDS) is a tool for deploying the OS (OS) in Windows Server 2008! As the name suggests, WDS is set up for High-volume deployment operating systems (deployment is for bulk operating system installations, and some You also need to consider setting up the same desktop environment!), the role is to install the operating system through the network, so as to avoid the operation on each machine in person, but also eliminates the CD-ROM (so environmentally friendly "things") to install the operating system process!

Speaking of which we might think of a ghost+sysprep way to bulk deploy the operating system, is there any need for WDS? WDS uses files in WIM format, the Ghost tool is based on disk sector and WIM file is based on directory on the disk sector does not have much impact, and space is very small! Easy to use!。。。。。。

Okay, let's get into our lab environment now.

Pre-trial Preparation:

Active Directory:wds must be deployed in a domain environment (you can make DC domain controllers, member servers)

DHCP: In the PE (Preinstallation Environment) rely on DCHP to get IP, and WDS Server for "communication"

DNS Servers and NTFS volumes

Environment Arrangement:

Experimental environment is relatively simple, BEIJING this machine to serve the role of four servers, BEIJING this machine has been installed active Directory, domain name weipengfei.net IP address is:

The address pool range for DHCP is

Experiment results: Deploy WDS Server, capture Windows 2007 with the ImageX tool,

To add a network adapter driver to the boot image (the PE (boot image) Preinstallation Environment is a 32-bit operating system with a few drivers built in that may be early on to the target computer (bare-metal) network card or hard drive, deploying Windows 2007

Let's start with the installation of WDS Server:

First, install WDS Server

In the Service Manager, click Roles-Add roles

In fact, the deployment and transport server can be placed on two machines, the deployment service must join the domain to do!

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