What is the difference between 150M and 300M without lines?

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The router's M is the short name of Mbps, the bit rate is used to describe the speed of data transmission of a unit, the greater the bit rate, the faster the data flow. Theoretically 150Mbps speed, the rate of transmission per second is 18.75mb/s. 300Mbps speed, the rate of transmission per second is 37.5mb/s, then how are these calculated?

Take the Mbps apart: M is an order of magnitude, that is, a trillion. Trillion represents millions, in mathematics, 1 trillion is 1 million. But in the computer field, M stands for 1024x1024.

b is the abbreviation for bit, that is, bit. This is different from the B in MB that we often say. MB is the meaning of megabytes, a unit used to describe the size of a file, an English letter is 1 bytes, and 1 characters is 2 bytes.

P is per, that is, "every". Thus, Mbps translates into Chinese as megabits per second. /This symbol is equivalent to p.

The Mbps (bit rate) is converted to our common MB/s, just dividing the former by 8.

M is the same, 8 B (bit, bit) = 1 B (Byte, Byte), p and/is the same. S is the meaning of the second.

150mbps÷8 = 18.75mb/s,300mbps÷8=37.5mb/s. That's how it's calculated.

In other words, the router callout 150M means that the router can only support 150M of bandwidth, even if your network speed is 200M, after the router out also only 150m,300m the same, if the family words 150M enough to use, Of course, the 300M is a dual antenna, so the 300M signal emission distance will be farther, also said the signal will be stronger.

Note: The velocity of the data is variable, and the bit rate is only an average reference value. 1M speed, theoretically is 128kb/s, but in fact only 120 or so not, because the data in the transmission process will have a certain loss. In addition, this bit rate and MP3 or video bit rate is the same, but a different order of magnitude, the common MP3 file bit rate of around 320kbps.

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