What is the difference between a SAS hard drive and a SATA hard drive

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Like old SCSI and SATA technologies, SAS supports hot-swappable disks, which is important for environments that maintain high availability requirements. And SAS is a complete two-way system, while SATA inherits the IDE's characteristics and is a system of half-two-way communication. Therefore, the SAS system throughput can be similar to the SATA system twice times. And few SATA drives can reach 7200RPMs, and many vendors are or are planning to provide 10000RPM and 15000 RPMs disks, which also means faster disk systems.

Another key difference between SATA and SAS is: cost. Similar to ATA and SCSI, SATA and SAS disks vary significantly in price. SATA disks are inexpensive and SAS disks are not cheap. However, for anti-attack storage and additional storage capabilities, many businesses will still be using SAS in the data center, which is justified by the foregoing.

Because SATA and SAS drive connectors are pin-compatible (pin-compatible), their cables seem to be similar. However, the SAS cable can be 6 meters long, which is six times times the SATA cable length limit (1 m). As mentioned earlier, the terminal of the cable is the same.

If you compare SCSI with SAS, there is a very prominent advantage over Scsi,sas compared with the speed difference. In SCSI technology, different types of devices are connected to a chain, and all devices run at the slowest device speed. In SAS, this is no longer the case. Even with different types of devices, each device can run at its own speed. When it comes to multiple device connections, SAS allows up to 128 devices to connect at the same time, and by using an Extender, this number can grow to 16,000, which makes it very easy for SAS to meet the needs of even the largest data centers. and SAS disks can handle requests from multiple SAS controllers, which further enhances its ability to scale.

However, there are still similarities between SATA and SAS, and SAS is a winner if you compare the data center's original performance. SATA and SAS are very complementary technologies. SATA is particularly appropriate for desktop computers or for short-term storage, and is also useful for small business internal storage requirements. SAS, on the other hand, took over the banner of SCSI and developed well in the enterprise area.

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