What is the difference between a standalone video and an integrated video card?

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  One, independent graphics

The independent video card refers to the existence of a separate board, which needs to be plugged into the card on the corresponding interface of the motherboard. Independent graphics card has a separate video memory, does not occupy the system memory, but also technologically advanced integrated graphics, to provide better display and operational performance. As an important part of computer mainframe, the independent graphics card is very important for those who like to play games and do professional graphic design. At present, civil graphics chip suppliers mainly include AMD (original ATI) and Nvidia two.

Standalone graphics

  Main composition

1. Display chip (model, version level, development code, manufacturing process, core frequency)

2. Memory (type, bit width, capacity, package type, speed, frequency)

3. Technology (pixel rendering pipeline, vertex coloring engine number, 3DAPI, RAMDAC frequency and support max resolution)

4. PCB Board (PCB layer number, graphics interface, output interface, heat dissipation device)

  Second, integrated graphics

Integrated video card refers to the chipset integrated display chip, the use of such a chip board can not require independent graphics to achieve the normal display function, in terms of price advantages to meet the general family entertainment and commercial applications, save the user to buy video card expenses. Chipsets with integrated graphics cards are often called integrated chips, and motherboards are often referred to as integrated motherboards. Integrated graphics card does not have video memory, the use of a part of the main memory of the system as graphics memory, the specific number is generally based on the need for automatic dynamic adjustment. Obviously, if the use of integrated graphics to run a large number of memory-intensive programs, the impact on the entire system will be more obvious, in addition to the frequency of system memory is usually much lower than the video memory of the independent graphics, so the integrated graphics performance is less than the independent graphics.

Integrated graphics

Integrated graphics cheap and inexpensive, belong to the office or mm type.

First, it consumes system memory, which reduces the amount of physical memory available to the CPU,

Second, in the process of interacting with system memory, it takes up the bus cycle,

Third, the process of interacting with system memory requires the CPU to coordinate and consume CPU cycles.

These three points will greatly reduce system performance the disadvantages of integrated graphics are just made up by independent graphics, so it can be said that the choice between independent graphics and integrated graphics is actually the choice between performance and price.

  Three, independent graphics and integrated graphics contrast

In simple terms, the standalone video card can be upgraded, that is to buy the independent graphics with a sense of the mainstream of the game, you can go to buy a more high-end, and integrated video card is unable to upgrade, when the feeling of playing the game is very card, there is no way to replace the integrated graphics, this is a general statement. The difference is that the performance of the independent graphics is very powerful, there are many integrated graphics not the most basic thing is the radiator, integrated graphics in the processing of large 3D games, the high energy consumption, and the independent video card has a radiator, you can play its performance, or even overclocking, and integrated video card is not a radiator, Because the integrated graphics card is integrated in the computer motherboard internal, in the processing of the same large 3D game, its heat reached a certain temperature, there will be a lot of people depressed situation. This is only the most basic difference, the detailed is their memory, memory width, stream processor, using the GPU chipset, display frequency, core frequency, etc. are different, relative to the independent graphics for the game or high-definition 3D rendering, such as some film and video animation game production has a greater play space, The integrated video card does not achieve the level of independent graphics.

From the performance power consumption, the integrated graphics is characterized by general performance, but basic to meet some of the day-to-day applications, heat and electricity consumption relative to the independent video card is lower. Although the performance of independent graphics is strong, but the calorific value and power consumption is high. Independent video cards are superior to integrated graphics in terms of 3D performance.

  difference: independent graphics to determine very easy: A separate card, inserted in the motherboard slot, the card above the interface to connect the monitor signal line. Integrated video card because the main chip integrated in the North Bridge, so no card, its connection to the monitor is not on the card, general and motherboard backplane of the I/O interface together. To put it bluntly, the excuse for opening the chassis and seeing the signal line connected to the monitor does not exist on a single card, but on the motherboard. Also from the model above can be judged. right mouse button on the desktop, properties, settings, in the middle of the place you can see "display: The default monitor on the xxxxxx", ' XXXX ' is the model of the display card.

The same level of graphics independent performance is better (but now the network card, sound card is basically buy integrated, because most users are not very high requirements for this aspect), especially in the future graphics card out of the problem can be easily replaced, and integrated graphics card to restrict the whole machine upgrade or replacement. Because of the economic ability, for the average person, it is not possible to upgrade the graphics card and pay a big price to let a set of motherboard "Laid-off" it.

Desktop is best to choose a stand-alone graphics card, of course, to buy a notebook, considering the price factors, it has to choose the low-end use of integrated graphics models. It depends on the personal situation. After all, digital products are now updated quickly, there is no need to deliberately request the best!

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