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There are always some design new people do not know the difference between AI and PS, they are used under what circumstances? which is better? Behance, a designer named M.a Kather, drew 12 pictures to give you a clear distinction between AI and PS.

 Christmas birthday

First version of the startup page

  Under what circumstances is the most used?

AI: Vector Graphic Design

PS: Pixel image Design

  What people use the most?

AI: Designer

PS: Artist


AI: After amplification, still sharp clear

PS: Zoom in After the Blur


AI: Multiple artboards can be built at the same time

PS: Only a new canvas can be created

  Clipping masks

AI: Masks on objects

PS: Masks under Objects

 Selection Tool

AI: The object is selected

PS: Select the area


AI: A layer can contain multiple objects

PS: A layer can contain only one object

  Ctrl + Z Undo

AI: Can be repeatedly revoked,

PS: Can only be revoked once, press Ctrl+shfi+z to continue undo operation

  Work area

AI: Can continue to draw outside the canvas

PS: can only be drawn within the canvas area, the excess part will be hidden

  The speed of saving time

As a layman, I do not know whether there are many new design and I like, after reading or foggy, after all, the designer's description does not have the AI and PS for in-depth comparison.

So, I'm quoting from an informed answer, hoping to give you a better idea of the difference between them:

Know the net friend @ Wang Dong

First of all, a brief description of "pixel map" and "Vector map":

A vector graph is made up of paths and anchors, and the main factor determining the size of a picture is the variety of information contained in the path and anchor points and the graphics objects that comprise the path and anchor points. The most significant feature of vector graphs is that, no matter how many times magnified, the edge of the picture is still clear and smooth.

A pixel graph is made up of each pixel, and the main factor determining the size of the pixel is the number of pixels and the color information contained in the pixel. The most striking feature of pixel graphs is that, when magnified to the maximum, a small lattice with a solid color is seen, which is the pixel.

Now again the difference between PS and AI:

In the main use, AI is mainly used for vector graphics production, ps mainly for pixel map editing.

This is determined by the different characteristics of the two software:

Ai is very good at editing and making graphics objects that are facilitated by paths and anchors.

PS was originally developed for the editing of pixel graphs, and has an advantage in editing pixel graphs.

Of course, this is not to say that AI can not edit pixel map or ps can not edit vector objects, but from the advantages of the advantages of each has a very clear difference.

AI is mainly used in Enterprise VI (LOGO) production, vector illustration and so on, because the vector map in this respect more advantages. Ai is also better at the text typesetting, a lot of manuals, promotional pages, posters and other production through the AI to complete. Although the AI in a certain sense can edit pixel map, but the editing ability is far less than PS.

PS in the revision and painting of the more good, because photos, pictures and so is the pixel map. PS mainly used for image modification, editing, and material editing, of course, will do some typesetting work. Although PS also has some vector editing functions, but it is not easy to use AI.

In general, PS and AI are to be used in combination, some of the pictures in the print material needs to be edited and produced in PS, but some graphics and text typesetting or to the AI to complete, the main reason is the AI in the text and graphics to maintain a proper amount of characteristics, smooth edges, the color set stable, pure.

PS Now the original function of the more powerful, must have been completed in the AI, and now can be completed in PS, so, sometimes we may also blur the use of the boundary, but from the use of habits, it is best to develop AI and PS with the use of. This is conducive to more efficient implementation of creativity, complete the design.

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