What is the difference between CSS and HTML? CSS vs. html differences

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Many students in the study of the front-end, may be the difference between HTML and CSSDo not know, today's article PHP Chinese web to the needs of friends to summarize the HTML and CSS comparison, let's look at the specific content.

CSS differs from HTML:

1. First, let's look at the HTML:

HTML is the abbreviation of Hypertextmark-uplanguage, which is Hypertext Markup language;

HTML is used to define the structure of the document content, including the user needs to browse the content, such as text, video, which constitutes the basic elements of the Web page;

HTML is the structure of a Web page (Structure), which requires a variety of frameworks and layouts, such as frameset frameset, IFRAME inline frame, div+css layout, table layout, and so on, while supporting form submission (HTML form), including the underlying form, Input box, input box type, text field, list, label, and so on.

The structure of the HTML consists of the head (head) and the body (body), where the head describes the information required by the browser, while the body contains the specific content to be described.

Let's look at a small example of HTML:

<! DOCTYPE html>

The effect is as follows:

This example can clearly explain the structure of the HTML. (Related recommendation: HTML Chinese Reference manual and 2018 front-end primer _HTML5)

After reading the basic content of HTML, let's look at the basic content of CSS, after all, is the difference between CSS and HTML comparison ^_^

2. Let's take a look at CSS:

CSS is the acronym for Cascading Style Sheets, a cascading style sheet, which is a web-typesetting standard developed and published by the Society of the Internet of words, complementing the HTML language functionality.

CSS is used to define the style of the HTML document, that is, the appearance, such as dynamic text on the Web page, text color, font, animation effects, can be implemented by CSS.

The main purpose of CSS is to control the fonts, colors, backgrounds, images and other elements of the Web page, so that the Web page can be displayed exactly as the designer wants.

As shown in the following example:

<! DOCTYPE html>

The effect is as follows:

The above effect can be very clear about the use of CSS. (Related recommendation: CSS video tutorial-herself version)

Through the above on the basic content of HTML and CSS, we can see very clearly what is the difference between CSS and HTML, CSS is more for the style and HTML is used for text content, you just seriously to learn, more things can be found in the learning process.

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