What is the difference between streaming media protocol rtmp,rtsp and HLS?

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HLS (HTTP Live streaming)

Apple's dynamic bitrate adaptive technology. Audio and video services primarily for PC and Apple terminals. Includes an index file for M3U (8), a TS media shard file, and a key encryption string file.

The commonly used streaming media protocol mainly has the HTTP progressive download and the real-time streaming media protocol based on the RTSP/RTP, these two kinds basically are completely different things, at present more convenient and good use is the HTTP progressive download method. In this, Apple's HTTP Live streaming is representative of this aspect. It was originally a stream developed by Apple for mobile devices such as iphones, ipods, itouch and ipads. Now there are many applications on the desktop, and HTML5 is directly supporting this.

However, the small slices of the HLS protocol generate a lot of files, and storing or processing these files can cause a lot of wasted resources. If you want to implement a time shift for several days, the index amount will be a huge number and significantly affect the request speed. Therefore, the HLS protocol is very demanding for storage I/O requirements. In this respect, there are also companies have put forward a very good solution.

New on-Demand server system, the original memory cache data real-time slicing technology, subversion of this traditional implementation method, fundamentally solve the fragmentation problem of a large number of slices, so that the single server slicing and packaging capacity is no longer a bottleneck. The basic principles are as follows:

Instead of saving TS tile files to disk, there is memory, which makes the server's disk no longer "tons" of file fragments, greatly reducing the number of disk I/O, prolong the service life of the server disk, greatly improving the stability of the server operation. At the same time, due to the use of this technology, the terminal requests the data directly from the server's memory, greatly improving the response speed of the terminal data requests, optimizing the video viewing experience.

RTSP protocol, this should be the best real-time, if you want to real-time requirements are very high, such as 0.5s or less, this is a good choice. The former mimic Spydroid wrote a proposed RTSP server, in fact, is options,describe,setup,play,pause,teardown these steps, the agreement with the most extensive, on-line introduction is more. To really understand the RTSP protocol, the C + + language is good to see live555.

RTMP protocol, own recent research, if interested, can look at my other articles.

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Pure HLS (m3u8) Cross-platform technology (Hlsplayer,m3u8player cross-platform multi-terminal)

1. This is a player that supports m3u8 address on PC and mobile (Android Android, Apple iOS, etc.) playing video.
2. Note: This example only supports HLS (m3u8) address, does not support the FLV,MP4,MOV,F4V,3GP format, please pay special attention!
3. This example is a cross-platform adaptation, support PC terminal, Android terminal, iOS Apple terminal, WP terminal normal playback.
* Tip 1: This example in the Iis/apache, such as the site environment testing;
* Tip 2: This example only supports HLS (m3u8)/not supported FLV,MP4,F4V;
* Tip 3: This example requires the user to implement HLS technology, that is, the output of HLS (m3u8) address, such as the output of Wowza streaming media software;

What is the difference between streaming media protocol rtmp,rtsp and HLS?

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