What is the difference between the. NET Framework 4 and the. NET Framework 4 Client profile?

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The. NET Framework has evolved since 2002 and has undergone several versions, 1.0, 1.1, 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, and so on, and the redistributable package of the. NET Framework is growing. N The ET Framework 3.5 SP1 when it has expanded to 231MB, unless the software itself is very large, otherwise it is quite detrimental to the redistribute of. NET software unless the client itself has the. NET Framework installed, or almost all of the. NET Fr Amework's redistributable Package, if just a small application file (dozens of or hundreds of KB), also clip a large. NET Framework Redistributable Package, Probably a lot of developers will get into trouble, even if developers accept it, but it managers in corporate networks will not necessarily accept ... So the. NET Framework's weight loss has always been the desire and expectation of. NET developers, and the. NET Framework Client profile is Microsoft's main response to this need. Since a. NET application does not necessarily use all of the. NET Class libraries, Microsoft has removed some of the less common features of the. NET Framework from the main function library, allowing redistributable package to shrink. facilitates republishing of applications.

The. NET Framework Client profile was first met with a developer at. NET 3.5, but because it was installed only with ClickOnce deployment, there are not many developers using it, and many people are responding with the hope that the. NET Framework Cli ENT profile can be distributed using CDs or other storage media, and Microsoft is receptive to changing the. NET Framework 4.0 Client profile to redistributable Package.

The. NET Framework Client Profile 4 includes the following features:
Common Language Runtime (CLR)
Windows Forms
Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)
Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)
Entity Framework
Windows Workflow Foundation
• Voice
XSLT Support
entity Framework and WCF Data Services implementation design function library
Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF)
• Dynamic Type
• Parallel programming functions, such as Task Parallel Library (TPL), Parallel LINQ (PLINQ), and coordination Data structures (CDS)
• Debug client application
The following features are not included, to install the full version of the. NET Framework 4.0 separately:
• Advanced Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) features
.net Framework Data Provider for Oracle
• Compiling with MSBuild
In the Visual Studio 2010 project, the following applications use the. NET Framework 4.0 Client profile by default, to use the full. NET Framework functionality, set the target frame to the project properties Work to. NET Framework 4.0:
Windows Projects (C # and Visual Basic)
Windows Presentation Foundation
WPF Application
WPF Browser Application
WPF Custom Control Library
WPF User Control Library
Windows Forms
Windows Forms Application
Windows Forms Control Library
Console Application
Empty Project
window Service
Visual F #
f# Application
f# Tutorial
Workflow (C # and Visual Basic)
Activity Designer Library
Activity Library
Workflow Console Application
Windows Communication Foundation
WCF Service Library
Office 2007 and Office 2010
all projects target the. NET Framework 4 Client profile

The. NET Framework 4.0 client profile differs from the original. NET Framework 3.5 Client Profile:
• The 3.5 version of Client profile can be used only on the web (ClickOnce) and version 4.0 because it has redistributable Package, so it can be applied to both native and Web installations.
• The 3.5 version supports only x86 Windows XP sp2/sp3,4.0 versions, and supports all platforms supported by the. NET Framework 4, in addition to IA64.
• The 3.5 version of Client profile is a separate version from the. NET Framework 3.5, and version 4.0 is a subset of the. NET Framework 4.0 full functionality.
• Version 3.5 will be affected by Windows update automatically to the. NET Framework 3.5, and version 4.0 can operate independently of the complete. NET Framework 4.0, and can be serviced separately.

Because of this, when you create a new project in Visual Studio 2010, if you find that the component or other assembly that you should have listed is not listed in the Add reference, the call in your code always prompts you not to find the namespace, you can first check to see if it is the target of the project The framework is set to. NET 4.0 Client Profile (for example, System.Web.dll is not in the. NET 4.0 Client Profile suite), which is OK if it is changed to the. NET Framework 4.

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