What is the difference between the user experience of Amazon and Tencent?

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On the understanding, the Netizen raises the following question: What is the real user experience? What is the difference between the user experience of Amazon and Tencent? What is the user experience of Tencent called? What about Amazon's user experience?

Answers from Amazon's grassroots staff:

First of all Amazon's user experience, Amazon's staff experience is also first-class.

Amazon's corporate philosophy is the Earth's Most Customer-centric Company

On earth で most もお guest gosip を big cut にする Enterprise (each time the job starts the small leader all to want the staff to read together) (in the Amazon China cannot find this sentence, but translates is: Earth most rare customer drops company)

This is a very big word, since the dare to say that there must be a lot of

I don't know about the term "dedicated to describing Amazon's user experience," but for Amazon's user experience, 100 consumers will have 100 different feelings (to tell you the truth, I think Amazon's UI sucks, it's not easy to imagine)

Then look directly at how Amazon's CEO understands and interprets the "User experience":

"Internally, customer service is a component of the customer experience," he says. "Customer experience includes has the lowest price, has the fastest delivery, has it reliable enough so Don ' t need to contact [anyone]. Then You save the customer service for those truly unusual situations. "

The above is the words, there are three keywords "low price", "Delivery efficiency", "credibility." The user experience is not fastidious about these three points, I think that does not need to use what iffy vocabulary to define and explain, for users themselves, they need is low-cost high efficiency and credibility combined to bring the feelings, even do not want to use language to describe this feeling. For enterprises, no matter how many deviations in understanding, in fact, that is, to the three key words efforts.

Amazon is the electricity quotient, so is the real low price, delivery efficiency and credibility, then put in Tencent so what business is on the enterprise, on its virtual network services, I think nothing more than the first two words into "worry" "Easy". The user needs to get a specific message if a Web site can be based on user habits to achieve the information he wants to be able to put in the most conspicuous position, then this site makes people worry, if a site needs to be 5 to find that page, the other only need to point 2, then the latter will be more convenient, The accuracy and quality of information is the rest of the key, the three are done, then the site's user experience is good (this paragraph is entirely as an ordinary Internet users understand).

As for the difference between Tencent and Amazon's user experience, it should now be possible to compare its pats with Amazon. For the delivery speed of what everyone can experience it, the user interface is also depending on the individual (of course, perhaps one of the interface for more people), and the most critical "credibility", that is, as the quality of the products handled by the electric dealers, I do not know how Tencent do, But I know that all of Amazon's goods are going through its own fulfillment center, after inspection-shelves-pick-up-inspection-shipping Such a process, not suitable for all of the products Ng, has been in my imagination to the maximum quality assurance-this behavior on the surface can not be seen , but for a long time, users will naturally feel reliable and secure, and then become repeat customers.

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