What is the difference between Win7 computer hibernation and sleep?

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What does computer sleep mean?

Computer hibernation is the current running state of the data stored in the hard disk, the whole machine will stop power supply completely. Because the data is stored on the hard disk, and the hard disk speed is much lower than the memory is its game or other programs are still running on the computer, usually wake up sleep state need a certain amount of time, with the boot time is almost. is to copy the file to the hard disk. Both the monitor and the hard drive will shut down, but the electricity is saved, and the computer's usage loss is reduced. If your computer is disconnected from the power source, you will revert to all previous work when you restart the computer, including programs and documents that have not been saved or closed, and are completely restored to the state of departure.

What do you mean by sleep?

The sleep state is to convert the computer into a power-saving mode immediately in the working state, so that all the work of the system will be saved to a system file on the hard disk, while powering off all devices except memory. Sleep mode is a newly added feature that combines the benefits of standby and hibernation.

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What is the difference between computer hibernation and sleep?

Sleep is the combination of the benefits of standby and hibernation, so the sleep state is the fastest time to start the computer, and there is no data accidental loss of the phenomenon. Rather than hibernate, the general wake-up sleep state takes a certain amount of time to get into the working state. Therefore, the study of worry-free advice to use sleep, after all, from the sleep state recovery, faster than starting from scratch a lot faster. and sleep mode is not always carried out, if the system into sleep mode after a period of time (specific time can be set) has not been awakened, then will automatically be turned into hibernation, and turn off the power to the memory, can effectively save electricity, and improve the hardware life of the computer.

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