What is the NFC feature? How does the mobile NFC function open?

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What is the NFC feature?

NFC phones are mobile phones with NFC modules. Mobile phones with NFC modules can be used in a number of applications. NFC is the near Field communication abbreviation, mobile phone users with the payment function of the mobile phone can go all over the country: their mobile phones can be used for airport boarding verification, building access keys, traffic card, credit cards, payment cards and so on

With the popularity of smartphones, mobile phone NCF functions should be to communications, public transport card, reading bank cards, consumption close-range payment, Alipay and so on. The technical feature of NFC is that it can carry out close distance transmission, wireless communication and reading among intelligent devices. For example, a mobile phone with NFC capability can read the balance of a new generation of bus cards via QQ

How to open the mobile NFC function

1, on the mobile desktop to find "System settings" button;

2, in the "System settings" to find "more" button, click "More";
3, in the pop-up "Wireless and network" find "NFC" after the choice to open.

Note that not all mobile phone support NFC function, above we introduced is Lenovo's a smart phone to support this function oh, friends must pay attention to it, like the Apple phone is not supported can only use ApplePay to pay.

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