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Taobao Browser is a browser software, so many people do not know what is Taobao browser? What is the function of Taobao browser? Taobao browser can achieve Taobao free, automatic parity, image search and shopping search features features, the following and small together to see.

Taobao Browser Function Introduction:

1, Taobao exempt from boarding

Use Taobao Browser, and through the upper right corner of the login box to login, in your visit Taobao, Cat, Amoy, Alipay and other sites, will automatically detect the current login account browser, one-click Login, convenient and quick.

Do not know how one key login Taobao browser friends can click: Taobao browser how a key login account.

2, automatic parity

When you look at the baby, Taobao browser in the status bar automatically show multiple stations price, help you find the most cost-effective baby, convenient to save money.

3. Image Search

When you are browsing the website, found that the clothes, trousers, shoes, the right button to choose "Amoy Treasure" to map search, quickly help you find similar baby, shopping more easily.

4. Shopping Search

Taobao search at any time, and support the custom to switch domestic popular search engines.

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