What is the future geometry of Nokia's tablet?

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"Did Microsoft buy Nokia just to make the brand disappear?" "It's a question that many people see when Microsoft wants to give up Nokia's brand, especially if it's a pity for Nokia's fans and supporters." However, the recent launch of the Nokia tablet has also seen hope for everyone. In fact, the disappearance of Nokia's brand is only an illusion, on the one hand, although Nokia no longer makes mobile phones, but also brand, patent licensing way to continue its brand value, on the other hand, even if Nokia does not make mobile phones, can also do other products, such as tablet, which can continue to maintain the brand vitality of Nokia in the IT industry.
But there is a problem, if Nokia is a tablet, the challenge is likely to be greater, in other words, the future of the Nokia tablet, I am afraid it is difficult to draw conclusions, because it involves the following issues.
First of all, tablet products by large-screen smartphones, deformation of the impact of the larger, the industry is in a dilemma in the awkward situation. In this context, Nokia's tablet will undoubtedly need a lot of courage.
Second, the flat market competition is also very fierce, in addition to Apple, Samsung, millet and other manufacturers are also pushing flat products, the entire market competition from the heap hardware, to the size, and then to the price, it can be said that in order to compete is fair bet. In this pattern, the first Nokia how to compete with the old rivals, this is a big question mark.
Third, for the Nokia tablet saying, there is also a voice on the internet that Nokia is just OEM, flat-panel manufacturers actually for Foxconn. In other words, the so-called Nokia tablet is just Foxconn's products hang Nokia's cards. If so, how will the industry look at Nokia tablet? How can Nokia explain to the market that the products created under this model have a unique appeal?
So, for Nokia, this may be a bet, but Nokia also has a card to play, after all, many people still have a certain "feelings" for the Nokia brand, out of this sentiment, many consumers will also consider "early adopters", especially in the flat-panel market in the case of calm, Instead, they will be pinning their hopes for innovation on Nokia.
So, if Nokia wants to make a difference in the tablet, the first shot must be good, after all, fresh feeling is a momentary, only the product perfect, to obtain the lasting support of consumers. If this shot is done, Nokia can also launch more tablets, or even enter the smart hardware field; If the gun is not well, maybe Nokia won't have to think about making a tablet.
Of course, there are also analysts who believe that Nokia push tablet is fake, exerting power based on the licensing and patent business model is true. Like this launch tablet, the Nokia brand was used on the surface, but it was actually produced by Foxconn. And then Nokia can get the benefits of brand licensing and patent licensing in its partnership with Foxconn, is that a viable model?
It has to be said that after the loss of the mobile phone business, the patent has indeed become an important source of Nokia revenue, according to the relevant statistics, before the Nokia patent authorized manufacturers, Apple, Samsung is the biggest profit, followed by Motorola, HTC, BlackBerry, LG and Sony and other international brands of mobile phone manufacturers. But now, including Samsung, HTC and other in the mobile phone business in the downturn, but also directly affect the patent revenue of Nokia, in this case, Nokia is naturally focused on the broader market, such as the Chinese market.
But the business model, which relies too much on patent prices to get revenue, is vulnerable to antitrust investigations, and Qualcomm is a cautionary tale, so Nokia has to think of a surefire plan to solve the problem. Since it is not possible to obtain the proceeds directly through a patent license, what can be done to compensate the patent benefits indirectly in the way of brand authorization? This can both obtain patent income, but also through Chinese manufacturers to promote the Nokia brand, double benefit.
As Nokia has sold its mobile phone business to Microsoft and has no longer produced its own patented handsets, Nokia must choose a product other than a mobile phone, and this time, Nokia has chosen a tablet that seems to solve all of the above problems.
So Nokia's push-plate appears to be a superficial phenomenon, essentially a business model that Nokia has continued to monetize through its patented push-plate. In the author's view, this business model has certain feasibility, but there are certain risks, after all, only the licensing, Nokia how to monitor product quality is a big problem. Suppose the quality of the product is not well, unlucky or Nokia brand. Of course, Nokia can find a sustainable business model to solve the pressing problems, without compromising its relationship with other vendors, and to achieve brand derivation and expansion, to continue to create value for consumers, which is worth affirming. (Wen/Wangyi see qq:543415188)

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What is the future geometry of Nokia's tablet?

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