What is the LTE network?

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With the mobile phone mobile internet constantly, has basically completed the traditional 2G to 3G transition, at present, China is vigorously promoting the development of 4G, the recent more promising to release 4G Fdd-lte photos, mobile networks such innovations to the user is faster mobile phone mobile device access to the Internet speed, and more stable signal , which also produced a term for LTE. The LTE network has become popular in all major media in the network. What does the LTE network mean for these less-known friends?

In fact, LTE is actually the network system, we usually know is GSM, CDMA, GPRS, Edge and so on, in fact, LTE, like them, is a network standard.

LTE (Long Term Evolution, long-term Evolution) project is the evolution of 3G, beginning at the 2004 3GPP Toronto Conference. LTE is not a widely misunderstood 4G technology, but a transition between 3G and 4G technology, is the global standard of 3.9G, it improved and enhanced the 3G air access technology, using OFDM and MIMO as its wireless network evolution is the only standard. The peak rate of downlink 326mbit/s and uplink 86mbit/s can be provided under 20MHz spectrum bandwidth. Improve the performance of Community edge users, improve cell capacity and reduce system latency.

Strictly, in fact, the initial position of LTE is only a 3G enhanced version, but with the development of the late, much more than the original designers expected. Originally can only be called 3.9G, but due to continue to improve the upgrade, so the subsequent version has become a real 4G.

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