What is the main role of the insulation puncture clamp?

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What is the main role of the insulation puncture clamp?
Their common role is to take electricity from the wire (Cable), do not peel off the wire, exposed conductor, puncture wire clip can be stabbed through the insulation of the wire, and a good contact with the conductor, in this way, the electric energy is extracted and the insulation protection is good at the puncture.
The insulation cable clamp is used for cable connection. The specific application is as follows:
Connection of overhead low voltage insulated cables
Low Voltage insulated incoming cable T-junction
T-junction or connection of building power distribution system
Underground low-voltage cable connection
Connection of street lamp distribution system
Common Cable Field Branch
In short, insulation sprint clips can be directly from the main line of the wire and cable above the puncture wiring than the traditional wiring to save the wire and cable, can be in the case of line live puncture, easy to worry about .) Www.ggg315.com

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