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This article mainly describes what is the MySQL storage engine. We can also refer to MySQL Video tutorialOr MySQL manualTo learn.

MySQL has a variety of storage engines, each storage engine has its own advantages and disadvantages, you can choose to use: MyISAM, InnoDB, MERGE, MEMORY (HEAP), BDB (BerkeleyDB), EXAMPLE, Federated, ARCHIVE, CSV, Blackhole.

MySQL supports several storage engines as a processor for different types of tables. The MySQL storage engine includes the engine that handles the transaction security table and the engine that handles the non-transactional security tables:

MyISAM Manage non-transactional tables. It provides high-speed storage and retrieval, as well as full-text search capabilities. MyISAM is supported in all MySQL configurations, it is the default storage engine, unless you configure MySQL by default using a different engine.

The memory storage Engine provides an "in-store" table. The merge storage engine allows the collection to be processed by the same MyISAM table as a separate table. Like MyISAM, the memory and merge storage engines handle non-transactional tables, both of which are included by default in MySQL.

Note: The memory storage engine is formally identified as the heap engine.

The InnoDB and BDB storage engines provide transaction-safe tables. BDB is included in the Mysql-max binary distribution released for the operating system that supports it. InnoDB is also included by default in all MySQL 5.1 binary distributions, and you can configure MySQL to allow or disallow any engine as you prefer.
The example storage engine is a "stub" engine that does nothing. You can use this engine to create a table, but no data is stored in it or retrieved from it. The purpose of this engine is to serve as an example in the MySQL source code, which demonstrates how to start writing a new storage engine. Similarly, its main interest is to developers.

NDB cluster is a storage engine that is used by MySQL cluster to implement tables that are partitioned into multiple computers. It is available in the Mysql-max 5.1 binary distribution. This storage engine is currently supported only by Linux, Solaris, and Mac OS X. In a future MySQL distribution, we want to add support for this engine from other platforms, including Windows.

The archive storage engine is used to easily overwrite a large amount of data that is stored in a non-indexed manner.

The CSV storage engine stores data in a comma-delimited format in a text file.

The Blackhole storage engine accepts but does not store data, and the retrieval always returns an empty set.

The federated storage Engine has data in the remote database. In MySQL 5.1, it works only with MySQL, using the MySQL C Client API. In future distributions, we want to have it connect to another data source using a different drive or client connection method.

When you create a new table, you can tell MySQL what type of table you want to create by adding an engine or type option to the CREATE TABLE statement:


Although the type is still supported in MySQL 5.1, the engine is now the preferred term.

This article is about the MySQL storage engine introduction, I hope to have the necessary friends have some help!

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