What is the network extension?

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is the ability to transfer the network distance effectively extended equipment. Can break through the traditional Ethernet transmission distance of 100 meters within the limit, you can extend the 10base-tx of twisted-line electrical signals to 350 meters or longer. It extends the transmission distance of the network from 100 meters of copper wire to over hundreds of meters, which can easily realize the interconnection between hubs, switches, servers, terminals and long-distance terminals.

The network extension uses the Independent property right Lre long line Ethernet drive technology, is consistent with the IEEE802.3 standard, this extension device provides the preamble code generation, the symmetry and the amplitude compensation. The signal is timed so that the signal jitter caused by the transceiver and cable does not accumulate on multiple network segments. He detected an incomplete packet or conflict and produced a blocking signal to enhance the detection. Finally, isolate the problematic ports to make the network work properly.

The transfer port has a digital pre-correction function, which compensates for the intrinsic signal strength attenuation of twisted pair cables.

Plug-card Network extension is a modular 10M or 100M Ethernet long line switch products, with sophisticated technology, lower cost to complete the long-distance transmission of Ethernet, to achieve the need for optical fiber through the Copper Ethernet link 1400 m access capacity, with a single slot or 16 slot rack, easy to centralized management. Common environment includes: broadband access, ERP network connection, TCP/IP access control, Internet camera connection and so on.

Key Features

Designed with LRE (Long-reacher Ethernet) ASIC.

No protocol conversion, no software support, online Plug and play.

Support cascade, multiply transmission distance.

The network extension device has ultra-low transmission delay and can transmit data packets at wire speed. The network extension uses the Independent property right Lre (Long-reacher Ethernet) long-distance Ethernet drive technology, can effectively extend the Ethernet transmission distance up to 700 meters, simultaneously guarantees the maximum transmission bandwidth. The basic principle is to increase the sensitivity to achieve distance extension through the amplification of the signal shaping.

Application areas

For point-to-point, point-to-point communication, industrial control automation, road traffic control automation, smart cards, attendance, entrance control, food sales system, industrial distribution system, closed-circuit monitoring, security systems, POS systems, building automation systems, self-service banking systems. Telecommunications communication systems, banks, insurance systems, remote decentralized equipment control, intelligent automatic alarm and fire fighting system, building automatic control system, large-scale retail systems, network appliances and so on. UTP701E and utp704e, based on this technology, will provide us with stable, inexpensive and flexible network interconnection.

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