What is the packet forwarding rate?

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1. Packet forwarding rate of the switch

The packet forwarding rate of the switch marks the size of the switch forwarding packet capability. Unit General bit BPS (packet per second), the packet forwarding rate for general switches ranged from dozens of kpps to hundreds of MPPs. Packet forwarding rate is the number of packets (MPPs) that the switch can forward per second, that is, how many packets the switch can forward at the same time. Packet forwarding rate reflects the exchange capability of the switch in the packet unit.

In fact, a key indicator of packet forwarding rate is the backplane bandwidth of the switch, and the bandwidth of the backplane has marked the total data exchange capability of the switch. The higher the bandwidth of the backplane of a switch, the stronger the ability to process data, that is, the higher the packet forwarding rate.

2. Packet forwarding rate of routers

Router packet forwarding rate, also known as Port throughput, refers to the router in a port packet forwarding capacity, the unit is usually used PPS (packet per second) to measure. Generally speaking, the low-end router packet forwarding rate is only a few k to dozens of Kpps, while high-end routers can reach dozens of MPPs (million packets per second) even hundreds of MPPs. If small office is used, select

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