What is the Popwndexe.exe process?

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First, what is the process of Popwndexe.exe

This software is the "Rising software deployment System" related files, software deployment system role: For the rising of each product to provide fast, efficient, constant upgrade work, improve the virus library upgrade efficiency, reduce resource consumption!

No wonder there is no small weave here, the original is rising, it is said that when the startup of the program will be intercepted, do not know why.

Ii. methods to prevent the popwndexe.exe process from starting

Click the start >> run in the lower left corner of the computer, enter the "gpedit.msc" command and return to the Group Policy, then click User Configuration >> Admin Templates >> System, and then on the right you will see "Do not run the specified Windows application". Then double-click to open, then select Show >> Add >> input, and then enter "Popwndexe.exe" in the interface.

If there is no administrative option, we can run the window again, enter the "regedit" command and return to enter the registry and find the option in the registry: Hkey_current_ Usersoftwaremicrosoftwindowscurrentversionpoliciesexplorer, and then on the right, the value of "Restrictrun" should be 0, and if the value is not found, you can add it manually.

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